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  1. What if i simply hooked a lan cable between to laptops... could we play like CS or something together with out a router or anything...?
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    haha yes thz
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    how do i delete my firefox profile?
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    ...cuz i want too... haha
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    i can change the language and all but its like im living in saudi arabia with a saudi arabia IP address... and like i said some websites at blocked... i get like this
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    thats the thing its off but the settings are still applied
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    OMG my IP is like one in Saudi Arabia... I think its like that because "Hide IP" program... Is there a way to reset it because my Firefox is like in Arabic and i cant go to some website but my IE is fine.. HELP? haha thz, Jake
  8. wow more and more i hear about it... more and more i want one... but heres the thing AM2 and 939...i want a lanparty and there all 939... but isnt AM2 the newest socket...?
  9. yeah i was looking on ebay... and well um what i saw was DFI Lanparty for $80 and from what i know which is very little... they look well over the price... oh and can someone Define "Overclocking" for me plz...? ill take a look at the URLs and i have a HP laptop right now... and a old computer that runs a Counter-Strike server...
  10. haha i know im jumping way over my head when i dont know what... Overclocking means exactly... besides maybe spending alot of time on a computer... i have all the time in the world but do i have the skill? i guess whats you answer the question about im going to have to answer that question... EDIT btw SLI and Crossfire... is it me or is SLI better?
  11. Ive been looking at building a rid...it will be a first time for me... and i dont have much money and i came cross... DFI Lanparty UT nf4 Ultra-D SLI Socket 939 Motherboard is it anygood? it seems good but for such a low price... i just dont know... it might not even be good... tell me your thoughts plz Thz, Jake
  12. haha i like that thats funny... is there a character limit? legal...?
  13. Well i wanna make a rig and iv been talk/researching around and not coming up with much... can someone tell me a little about it or maybe give me so links on the hardware requirement and stuff... basically i wanna learn about all of it... Thz, Jake
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    Oem Logo

    haha... im new but i think that would be pretty cool
  15. ok... your more than likely right... its not worth the money... but answer me this... do you think i should wait for vista to come out before i start on making a desktop rid? iv decided to leave my laptop alone and just use it for school... but yeah should i wait for everything to switch to vista first?
  16. thats cool... ummm the post under that one... is that the one? off topic... are 2 processor mobos all server mobos? haha thz again for the help... i must be getting annoying...
  17. is this the one your talking about...? # Mfr Part Number: ADA3700DAA5BN # Process Type: AMD Athlon 64 3700+* # Frequence: 2200 MHz # FSB: 2000MHz HT Speed # Cache: L1 128KB / L2 1MB # Process: 90nm SOI # Socket: Socket 939 # Package: OEM
  18. hey can you give my the link to where ever your geting this information on the 3700+
  19. yeah i think it does... a big, sliver piece of metal? that makes contact with the radiator looking think...
  20. what processor would you pick if you were in my shoes?
  21. quick question... you think its alright if i buy it off ebay? or you think i sure buy a brand new one?
  22. it is a 939... haha http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e276/sna...11111111111.jpg the S/N thing on the bottom of my laptop is that what your talking about?
  23. ok i think im going to take it out again and look at it and take pictures... thz again everyone!!!
  24. but read the output on the CPU-Z program... its say 939...
  25. so can i like just buy any processor thats a socket 939? or what? like the new AMD 64 4800 X2 Dual Processor? (btw RAM... i have 512 can i put a stick of like 1024 or maybe even 2048 or something? only have one slot)
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