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  1. has anyone played with any AMD Phenoms? and if so tell me if you like them or not and why... haha yeah i am still building my rig. money was a little tight for a while but in a week or so i plan on ordering final parts MSI K9A2 Plat. AMD Phenom 9600 Agena Black Edition 2.3GHz Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB (2 x 1GB) i have OCZ PSU 700 watts Lite-on DVD/CD burner Seagate 160GB HDD Stolen from Camden's A-tech school floppy drive haha the videocard will come later due 2 lack of funds... i am buying a videocard and 19'' monitor from my friend 4 30 bucks thanks for listen to my rambling haha, Jake
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    CS Help

    sry been busy... ok i tryed it and it worked for a lil bit after a while started back again..
  3. snakieee

    CS Help

    can you put it in a little more simpler for me XD
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    CS Help

    ok so when i am in a game playing cs owning up B:) my mouse will freeze or jerk around when im aiming or shooting. i dont think its me lagging because my ping stays under 100. i dont think it my connection because i even turned wireless off and hooked up a lan cable. i dont know what else to try. any ideas please? thank you, Jake
  5. I have a DVD/CD Burner and its E-IDE now the motherboard says nothing about E-IDE only IDE. Will it still work with the motherboard? Thought...When I bought this is was in a hurry and careless and didnt look at the interface. Do you think it be worth sending back and paying $5 more for the SATA then like another $15-20 for sending back shipping what I have and shipping the new one out to me? Thank you, Jake
  6. haha ops i realized that before i left for school... didnt have time to edit my post... sry and thz
  7. extended version and http://s41.photobucket.com/albums/e276/sna...emykitten.gif... if you would like to see them...
  8. i keep getting this when i try to post... ''Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed'' whats up with that? the picture is 480x90 48.4KB .GIF
  9. yeah i know but i need one for this idea i have in mind but i guess i have to alter it...
  10. does anyone have/found a intel penyrn logo? if so can you tell me or send it too me... [email protected] thz jake
  11. I played Assassins Creed i thought it was alright... expect for the horse riding parts... take forever it did...
  12. I heard somewhere... i forgot but something bad about the Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 as it didn't boot or recognize things right or something like that... now out of the 6 i like Abit IP35-Pro DFI Lanparty P35 T2R DFI Lanparty ICFX3200-T2R/G because it Crossfire...
  13. I was never comparing the 2... I was just giving my input on what i think the company game style is like... Now I enjoyed Hitman... for 3 - 4 day it was pretty fun, but I lost interest in it. I did play Dues Ex all the way through and loved it. And I do agree Hitman doesnt have anything on Dues Ex. Now how about Kane & Lynch, Eidos new up coming game? I think they need to make a movie out of Dues Ex and Kane & Lynch... I watch it haha XD!!!
  14. Eidos is known for those kind of game with there sneakiness, alternate ending and complex levels...like Hitman...
  15. yeah i liked the first one alot but 2 was a let down... cartoony and fantasy...
  16. i looked at the DFI P35 T2R i was like its perfect!!! then i looked at the price and pooped my pants... I like the Abit IP35 PRO... IM GOING WITH IT! thank you, Jake
  17. i just want a system that will not go out of date as quick... haha i wanna be able to play CS:S <-- not that hard i know but games like COD4 and Cyrsis you think me just using 8800GT will do it? and if so still suggest a mobo with out SLI...
  18. Motherboard -$150 or under -Intel -SLI 2xgraphics card ready thingy -Support new Intels coming out -Good Bios Cpu - E6600 or Q6600 if it goes down in price after the holidays and new cpus come out RAM - A-DATA Extreme Edition 2GB Vcard - XFX GeForce 8800GT Suggestions on anything? Thank you, Jake Are yall getting tired of me yet? haha
  19. haha i guess there is no way around it... i need 8800gt which is 250... but you think it will go down any by jan - feb?
  20. haha ok... im trying to build a computer on a bugget and i was wondering if anyone would give me some suggestions one a card under $200 and DX10 would be nice... and i will be buying after the holidays... will prices drop? how much?
  21. ok new thread... thanks though
  22. so the GDDR4 doesnt mean much?
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