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  1. ... I wonder if the Phenom was a mistake? haha OH well... only wish I was old and crippy with a well paying job.
  2. I enjoyed it. Educational and humorous. I hope I don't act like that...
  3. snakieee

    Phase pic 1

    haha i got the same mouse XD... EDIT: holy poop and desk but in a lighter color...!
  4. Awh good, thank you I need some good news 3 days rig up and running then... I hope... Thank you, Jake
  5. Odd question and maybe noob-ish. Ok I'm stressed out over my motherboard because I just learn it barely supports pc28500 (1066). and I have a Phenom 9500. and the motherboard is a ga-ma790x-ds4. Question: Can I use pc2 6400 (800) with my Phenom 9500? Thank you, Jake
  6. For the past year I have been putting together a computer. OCZ 700 watt PSU Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 AMD Phenom 9500 Crucial Ballistix Tracers 1066 I have till Monday to RMA and I am pushing for time. In my last post I was looking for help with why XP would not install and we narrowed it down to the RAM. Makes since to be because it has BSOD while trying to install XP Freezes on 3 different Linuxs start menu at I hit Start Live Randomly beeps like it can't recognize RAM and EVEN freezes in BIO which I find odd but I have done a memtests and It has passed and failed... failed more than passed I don't think its dead but just isn't compatible from some reason... What do yall think? What RAM would yall suggest under $100 bucks Thank you so much, Jake
  7. haha true but iv tired Linux,XP,Vista, and the little apps on my UBCD and the only thing that works in the memtest
  8. ok i but a hdd with xp in and the computer keeps restarting memory? i think im going to get some tomorrow... i use UBCD and really the only thing i can load up is memtest thing and i have try alot of different OS like linux,XP,Vista... all freeze or restart
  9. RAM now seems to be working... But can't load XP. Do you think it has to be x64?
  10. I am replying to bump sorry if thats against the rules but i am pushing for time when It come to sending the RAM back. From what I read I have 7 days if I am to return it to mwave.com correct me if I am wrong.
  11. The voltage seems to be right. 2.225 in less there 2.2 exact but the timing SEEM to be off to me but where to start and what is what...? and for getting cheap new RAM from CC it to late and I live to far away from one. i will tomorrow though in less i figure it out tonight.
  12. I don't have windows installed yet and when I go to install it computer crashes. More than likely its my RAM because they get alot of errors on memtest.
  13. iv tried them all in and out and one at a time. nothing seems to work.
  14. ok when there together i get tons of errors separate i get good few... and the thing is i am scared to play around with the BIOs and stuff like that. so when it comes to setting the timings and voltage i dont know how... anymore suggestions or maybe a good tutorial i feel comfortable with... before i send this stuff bad(if possible) oh haha and what kind of RAM to get so i dont have to go through this again.
  15. i just ran a test and it came up with nothing but errors
  16. ok id blow something up... i wonder if i can send it back?
  17. i think it is the ram what should i do if it is?
  18. Can't install XP on brand new Rig? Blue screen after drivers load and during windows set up. Farthest i have gotten was partitioning then blue screen. Any ideas? OCZ PSU 700watt Gigabyte DS4 Phenom 9500 Crucial Ballistic Tracers 2x1gb 1066
  19. I agree Torrents are hogs... I have to wait till parents have gone to bed because it hogs so much bandwidth my parents can't use the phone(Vontage).
  20. Is Win98 freeware now?!?! Thank you, Jake
  21. haha ok thank you fan controller huh alright... thank you for the advice... i wont use the controllers on the mobo... any fan controller suggestions? thank you, Jake
  22. Haha nice...! Free great looking Backgrounds... I think I'll dl a couple. Where the porn?! Thank you, Jake
  23. WHAT IF!?! I hooked up 4 Fans to 1 of the fan connectors on my motherboard. The reason I want to hook up 4 fans to the 1 fan connector on the board is because the 4 fans are case fans and I want them to run at the same speed and so I could run the other 3 for like CPU/GPU/MEMORY/ or what ever. Haha is it a bad idea or not. Little info on system MSI K9A2 PLAT. OCZ PSU 700watt ...Need anymore info? Thank you, Jake
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    CS Help

    i thought that was the reason to so i got a cord mouse a nice one... still happens
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