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  1. Hey all I am having a problem with my LAN. When I hook a cable in to it, it doesnt recognize the network... I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers/used different cables/different routers and I cant think of anything else. On the back it has a orange LED on the back that always on never changes. The green one wont light up...



    Thank you in advanced,


  2. I realize where Unforgivin is coming from. You are just protecting the forum but I am not telling him to use an illegal keygen or crack the game. He is merely trying to gain a usable copy of the game so he can install and plugin HIS SERIAL CODE THAT HE BOUGHT so he can play it. No offensive but torrents are not illegal and you might think that there abused and I agree but they are very useful in matters like this including downloading large FREE software.


    After saying this haha PLEASE don't ban me!!! I enjoy this forum and I am not personally changeling you. I think your overlooking this and think its wrong because torrent have a bad rep. I have said my piece and Ill now leave it alone in less you comment and wish for my input again.


    Thank you for listening, not getting extremely pissed and not banning me :)

  3. Sorry...:(



    im just saying if you have the serial code and you downloaded the game from somewhere/barrow from a friend that should be fine eh right? no harm done? correct me if im wrong

  4. Ok well first off its not overclocked (i think) if it was it did it with out knowing or i am sleep walking again. It has a gigabyte heat sink on it and i have 3 fans on the case pointing right at it. I figured it out by Speedfan. It labeled it temp3 so i started feeling around in my comp and i touched it a said DAMN THATS HOT! Im going to reset cmos and maybe if i had OC'd it and then other than that i need a new cooler...


    What could make it so hot?


    EDIT: Ok well im going crazy its not the Northboard but Speedfan says theres something in there that is hot (82C)... How i know? i just reached in a felt it... but if its not that then when what else could "temp3" be? (84C)


    The other are:

    Temp1:30C <----Called System in my Easytune

    Temp2:37C <----CPU


    HD0:29C <----think you can guess;) but just in case Harddrive

    Core:48C <---- Graphics Card

    ambient:32C<----Not sure... think it could be related to Graphics card in less ambient is a component that i never heard of



    Thank you,


  5. Quick and easy mod!

    I call it... Logi-Extend-Suck-O-Stand






    -Logitech extension stand

    -Suction cup (mine came from an old shower rack)

    -Drill and fairly small drill bit

    -Small cable tie

    This mod is for all you guys out there that have these Extension stand and don't know what to do with them all... I myself have 3 or 4. You acquire one from Logitech's wireless mice. Reason I have so maybe is because I have 2 wireless mice and my parents each have one too. So really all I need now is more Shower racks to through away and I'll be good but anywho...



    Start by unscrewing the bottom 2 screws. Then anywhere on the bottom as long as you have 1/2 inch in between each screw your fine.




    Now on this part your kind of on your own because there are different size suction cups laying around out there. On mine it had the grove where you slipped the rack bar in so perpendicular to that I drilled a hole strait through. Then I laced the cable tie through the holes making sure the head of the tie would end up in the inside of the USB apartment thing...






    -note- I spray painted mine. Thats why it looks different and crappy




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