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    take a guess...
  1. yeah thats what imma starting to think as well. Thanks
  2. Coolermaster 120mm heatsink fan brackets or at least that what ive been calling them Name, Website, anything. Can only find whole installation kits. Thanks in advance.
  3. they said it be slow for a while because of high depand
  4. very nice find dude! thank you for sharing
  5. The orange led is always on... cable or no cable... even when the computer is off its still on.
  6. Hey all I am having a problem with my LAN. When I hook a cable in to it, it doesnt recognize the network... I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers/used different cables/different routers and I cant think of anything else. On the back it has a orange LED on the back that always on never changes. The green one wont light up... Thank you in advanced, Jake
  7. wont support Phenom FX in the future if you plan on upgrading when the time comes...
  8. Should I get 2 HD 3870s or one Dual core? Quick opinion! haha Thanks, Jake
  9. or really lonely...! Can't say I have ever heard of a Table Fetish.
  10. I realize where Unforgivin is coming from. You are just protecting the forum but I am not telling him to use an illegal keygen or crack the game. He is merely trying to gain a usable copy of the game so he can install and plugin HIS SERIAL CODE THAT HE BOUGHT so he can play it. No offensive but torrents are not illegal and you might think that there abused and I agree but they are very useful in matters like this including downloading large FREE software. After saying this haha PLEASE don't ban me!!! I enjoy this forum and I am not personally changeling you. I think your overlooking this and think its wrong because torrent have a bad rep. I have said my piece and Ill now leave it alone in less you comment and wish for my input again. Thank you for listening, not getting extremely pissed and not banning me
  11. So I was right? Its not illegal if you have a key code?
  12. Yeah well... it is until you put your ridiculous opinions in the heads of our soon to be leaders... I believe in a higher power but I also believe in evolution. We don't need our president having dreams and hearing voices about how to run the Government and such.
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