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  1. So ANYWAYS, maybe a photo like this will get the thread back on topic:
  2. You know, I could get one of my models to model some OCC Gear...... Of course, I don't have any yet
  3. Let me see damian, since you're from Texas...........
  4. Ummmm.....of course it was sarcasm but I guess it was missed......
  5. Well I didn't say they were the sexiest girls ever or something like that. I don't think it's constructive criticism to say the girls aren't pretty.
  6. HOW DARE YOU!!!! I guess I'll stop posting "sexy" pictures then.... Everyone, start being mean the the guy who ruined it for all of you.... Mr. N.E.A
  7. I'm sorry, my LAME ladyfriend here thought it was cool to reply for me........ ANYWAYS...... It's very easy to get models if you really want to start taking pictures.
  8. Thanks everyone. I don't know what you mean by exposure type. I have two softboxes that I got off ebay. I use a Sony A-700 w/ Minolta Maxxum 50mm f1.7 Lens. Also, a Powerful laptop with Photoshop CS4 I actually already have a flickr account with pictures on it. I assumed someone would've tried to find it by now.....
  9. I'll refrain from replying out of fear of being attacked by the few girl members on here
  10. But I think Microsoft solved that problem with this one. The lights change color on the mouse to let you know you're running out of batteries instead of a popup in windows telling you like Logitech does. Then you have at least another hour left on the battery. And the receiver has a plug which you plug into your mouse and recharge it while still using it.
  11. Thank you. I took it and photoshoped it. That bed is mine haha
  12. I thank you kind sir. I would love to post more. Is there any images I can't post except nudity? I have plenty more sexy ones
  13. What does everyone think about this? I'm kinda sad my xbox got removed
  14. That's a shame =[ I'm sure it lasts a little longer with Alkaline right? I don't think I've ever kept a computer product longer than a few months. Maybe your USB slot you're using isn't providing enough power? I don't see any reason for it not recharging anymore other than that or a wire coming loose inside the mouse.
  15. Reminds me of those old Dell keyboards. Minimalist design is very nice.
  16. Yeah, I rarely play too haha I actually got it to match my red and black Qosmio Laptop plus I have no problem trying new products out. Definitely worth it if you can get it for ~$45.
  17. An amazing keyboard if you've ever tried it and VERY hard to find. http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=KUT0&cpc=SCH
  18. I figured I'd put my input on these things since most people tend to go for Logitech. I got both and really like them. The mouse is comfortable, very responsive, rechargeable battery is a AA and can be easily replaced. Love the on/off switch on bottom. Thumb side buttons are perfectly placed. Installed without any problems and haven't had any wireless problems. The keyboard is pretty quiet and well built. The keypad changes to macro keys at the push of a button and the lights change to the same orange as the other macro keys. Very nice typing on it. Volume control nob controls volume in real time on screen (no lag). Brightness of light is very nice. Software is easy to use. I got my mouse for $56 and the keyboard for $34. Anybody else have any experience with these?
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