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  1. I was told this is the BEST out there...and as with any comp nerd I want the "BEST" so I can be cool for the next 10 minutes until something better omes out lol. Anyways I have this link to some Geil PC3500 512mb and I was just wondering what kind of motherboard supports RAM of this speed? I have looked around and I have yet to see a mobo that says..."now with ultra high speed super duper exspensive PC3500 433mhz DDR RAM support!". Here's a pic for those dreamers out there who want to drool on something. Geil ram at newegg.com
  2. That's mean 8500 lol...but I know a few people(friends) that would do it..... gotta love playin with the n00bs...
  3. hrmmmm I'd be rather interested in trying or atleast reading the article...as long as it's not anything at afrotechmods.com lol...could ya point me in to the right forum to look in atleast?
  4. I was wondering if any rogue like skillz are required to unlock a P4 NW 2.53ghz proc....if so what and where co9uld I aquire these skills hmmm?? Any help/links would be appreciated....just tryong to find out how to unlock a proc. thx in advance.....ahhh shuddup I know the rogue thing was sorta . but I'm tired and thinking about NWN while tyipng this sheesh.
  5. P]-[34|2 ]\/[Y 1337 !!! Ermmm My computer is soooo fast that....it doesn't meet the minimum requirements to even run 3dmark let alone get a score...so beat that one lol generic mobo(Award plug and play BIOS) pentiuum MMX 233mhz 64MB edo SDRAM simms Hercules thriller 3D 8mb video(renditin verite 2200 chipset) aureal vortex SQ2500 sound card 6gb HD 5400rpm ata/33 10/100 nic And yes that's the computer I use...for now anyways...beat that one boys.....oops...and girls ehehe
  6. 5 guys walk into a bar.....you would think the 5th guy would've hasve avoided it after seeing the first 4 gys get KO'd.
  7. crap...I'm always the late one...lol O well..sorry for the waste fo space...ttyl D3
  8. I was watching TechTV's TechLive show a few minutes ago and they announced that the "ever popular"*gags* RIAA website got hascked into after announcing there [planb to use hackers to stop P2P file sharing!! Some unknown hacker(s) entered the RIAA website and change soem words to say "downloading music can actually be good for the music industry" lol...I think they deserved it...and more...stupid RIAA
  9. Hail fellow eskimo lol....I was thinking of that too...but scrapped the idea...it's too climate changing up here with moisture and all...you would be best off going with water cooling and sticking the radiator out the window lol...proc temp= 20F lol...but yeah...bringing our moist air into your case is a no go unless you rig up somethin special to capture all the moisture before it enters the case or even the piping.
  10. I read in a post earlier the motherboard model you used to get to 3+Ghz on your proc...I looked it up and it is only supported up to a 400mhz FSB and the 8IEXP supports NW P4's....just wondering whether you think the GA-8IEXP is better or worse thqan your mobo.
  11. Hrmm I've been in th chatroom off and on for the last couple of days..and barely anybody goes in there. I think we should all go there..anytime not jsut for the scheduled chats lol..putting it simply I have no life and get bored easily and want folks to chat with. cya there hopefully.../server irc.webchat.org /join #overclockersclub.com
  12. heh. First off I'm not worried bout the excess heat...my case is gonna have 8 case fans + a full water cooling setup. so everythings gonna be nice and cool...I like that UltraDM thingie but it's only 4 channel:( I need atleast 10 channel or more 8fans+2ccl+miscelanious.....anyways thx guys....and if you ever do grow 2 heads on you send me some pics I'd love to see it :P
  13. O really now d3bruts1d? lol closet smoker who's startin' to slip..lol
  14. I saw some really awesome looking switches the other day that I wanna use to make my 10 switch baybus with. It's gonna be a 12V off 5V bus but I don't know where to g3et the switches at....I am looking for a 3 position flip switch with a I O II diagram on the face..if you know what I mean and where I can find em please let me know.
  15. I know every other reply here has said how but no-one posted a link..here's a link to a fairly simple but good stealth tutorial Stealthing tutorial
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