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  1. "I've been trying to quit poping my joints (nuckles, neck, back, ankle, yatta yatta yatta) for quite sometime now... and haven't been able to stop..." i said if i pop. i said how i pop. i said why i pop. i said when i started popping. i did not start the discussion on the topic if it is bad for you or not. i look at the thread and i see plenty of irrelevant posts that have nothing to do with the main topic, and yes some are yours. don't become irritated over someone who may not agree with you. it makes you linear-minded. you will find it happens a lot throughout life. bye general board.
  2. i lapped my heatsink crap that was tough work. i used 120, 400, 600, 1500. a total of about 8 hours. its not that much of a mirror but its pretty smooth compared to before. although i didn't get much lower cpu temps probabably because i couldn't find my thermal compound. i had it between the heatsink and heatplate before i lapped it and it gives pretty much the same performance as being lapped without the compound so heh. also i got a new a/c and now instead of a room temp of 80-82 i got one of 61f and it's frickin cold in here my feet are blue, and with the side panel off, my cpu temp was at 33c idle as compared to 44-45c. case temp was 17c. this was amazing for me my lowest cpu temp ever. and it actually would read hotter than before because i had checked and some tape came undone and the probe wasnt touching the core anymore it was a little off, so i corrected it and it otherwise i would of got an even lower reading than 33. i overclocked this to the max, voltages and everything and it was 39c idle i was like crap, the load temps weren't that much higher. so i am pretty happy. but i am keeping a room temp of 70-72 and not stressing on the overclocking. so 41c idle. i like it. where's my crap compound grr.
  3. i like the ibm deskstars too. i have a 60gb and a 120gb deskstar 7200rpm and they both are extremely fast and they are not that loud and you probably won't even notice them if you have some fans. the only thing though is that they get blazing hot. they are almost to the point where you cannot hold your finger on there. especially since mine are stacked on top of eachother. i really gotta get a new case or mount one of them somewhere else. but as soon as my ordered 60mm fans and grills get here i can gonna cut a couple front 5.25" bay slot covers so that the 60mm fans fit in them for my own hd cooler and it might help my cpu temp also my cpu fans suck air from the front of the case
  4. http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3088033
  5. it's pretty close, but blowing air onto the heatsink is better. sucking air out through the heatsink is only better if the heatsink is setup for it. or if you prefer to have more control over where hot air goes so that you can eliminate it easier.
  6. you're supposed to use alcohol when you clean nintendo tapes. i tried nail polish remover and alcohol was much better for me. i use lintfilled kleenix to clean the gunk off of my parts. it's soft quick and easy disposable and there's lots of it. and if you wipe it until the gunk is off then there isn't any gunk for the lint to stick to. and a simple blow gets any lint off.
  7. wow nice score you get same as me with radeon 8500+1ghz ath. whats the compare url?
  8. wasn't is geil that is the cheapass and overclocks 2700 sticks to 3200/3500 or so. so they put the heat spreader on it and if you take it off it will fail. after seeing an article like this i would never ever consider buying ram that has it's own heat spreader on it for wondering if it was just a cheap imitation.
  9. quake 1 is my favorite to this day. i still play it actively. mostly team fortress. to me the fast paced dynamic fluent physics are unmatched by any first person game there is or ever will be. ninjas can actually grow in their skill in the art of ninjitsu=P it's a game where you can actually develop dodging/running/flying skills to escape or rape an enemy. can't do that for todays first persons. if you're awesome you're still as slow and limited to what seems like crawling just as much as a noob is. which pretty much means you can only develop aiming skills. too limited for me. quake 1 may be ugly but i prefer it because it doesn't bother me and great looking games often distract from the main goal of owning. and having higher ping doesn't cripple you as much as other games would like say quake 3 which is just insane for high ping.
  10. i got some crap but it sucks. 4 32mb stick of edo two ppro 150s AT case/powersupply soundblaster awe64
  11. i am dead broke. i would like to get a new case/mobo/cpu/ram but selling my slot setup wont bring me all that much money. and anyway i paid $360 for the cpu+heatsink+fans in the summer of 2000 so i figure i should just keep it and someday when i upgrade i can pass it down to my lowly messenger obsessed family. right now i am on a very sad assed k6-2, i't so crap slow it's pathetic, can't even play quake 1 at respectable frame rates 15-30. my ka7 motherboard for my athlon took a crap a couple of the capacitors around the socket. 2nd time i've had to rma it. its out of warranty but luckily abit takes out of warranty returns for $25. i have it paired with a radeon 8500 and it gets 5600 in 3dmark2001 so it can run most games today without much of an fps drop although these new games like dungeon siege or nwn, the fps is pretty darn low to start with so any fps drop can be annoying. i've managed to squeeze a few bucks out of the couch so now i can buy a couple 60mm fans and filters and cut up a couple front big bay covers for the 60mm fans to sit in and blow outside air into my cpu fans, as they take in air from the front drives unlike sockets from the side of the case so this coule really help me. could stick my two hot . ata100 7200rpm drives for it to cool too if i wanted but i'll have to see how the different setups would impact cpu temp. me so excited.
  12. there are two globalwin 60mm fans on my heatsink. i believe they are each around 20cfm. the thermal paste on it is some old crappy stuff. i cannot put new paste on it because i cannot get the heat plate off it is on there too good and i don't seem to have the right tools to remove it without hurting myself. so i just have regular cheap compound between the heat plate and vos32 which helped me about 2-3c. and i have 1.85v set right on the processor as well as 10x multiplier. my ram sucks and my stupid friend broke my goldfinger so it was my only option. if i run it at 1.80 it will boot but it is unstable under load and has crashed before in 3dmark. if i remember correctly, 1.85 is the default voltage for a 1ghz. as for the onboard sensor. i would think they are only inaccurate if they are broke. they bring higher reads than a shove in probe which means there is a higher temp in there somewhere than what the shove in probe in reading and it's better to get the highest temp read you can and a shove in probe can't always do that. http://www.m6.hwgn.net/reviews/volcano9/index2.shtml
  13. the temps are monitord by the onboard sensor on the cpu socket, which is a perfect read. only artic silver 3 is used and they know to keep the layer thin, as well as high rpm fans mostly 50cfm sunons or tornados, the voltages are default. their temps i saw were from nonoverclocked systems. some didn't have fans in their side panel blowing over cpu but some did and still. the rooms temps are regular too. they have done their homework but still they don't compete with your watercooling-like air. i don't get it. i have a slot athlon [email protected]@1.85v with a top performer vos32 and i get idle temps of 44 and load temps of 50 which i think is remarkable. but my setup can't be compared to sockets of course.
  14. how the hell do you get idle and load temps that low with those heatsinks on a 2100+, you are beating watercooling kits even with the fop38. i know lots of people with 1600-1800+ athlons with ax7s to alphas and they get like 40-48 idle and 48-53 at load. most of them have epox or abit motherboards. this doesn't make sense. and you said your case cooling isn't the best. well these guy's case cooling is very good. they use the best of most everything. something is not right. this person's review is a little more believable, http://www.overclockercafe.com/Reviews/Tt_...lcano9_pg3.html
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