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  1. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    If anyones up for it, weve got about 6 of us so far about to login. Will be on for a few hours for sure.
  2. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    Well for a short notice setup we could totally try and organize one for tomorrow. I'm not sure how well organizing one this quick will work out, for turn outs that is. I know ive added everyone in the list, i believe ive seen only a couple add me so far. Anyone have preferences for a time frame for Sunday game time? Ill be on tonight as well with a few local friends just messing around in the server, feel free to hop in. But tomorrow for sure we will try and organize one. I'm messaging as many of my friends as i can right now to get a time preference from them as well. Will have an update here shortly on it.
  3. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    Vent server is upgraded to accommodate everyone for BC2 nights, or just general gameplay. l0wt3k Vent Info PW l0wt3k
  4. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    That's what my goal is, right now the vent server is set to 20 people, just checked up on that, next week ill update that, for the time being here is the info. PW: l0wt3k I am almost always on vent outside of work, if your ever wanting to play bf swing on in and let me know. I also went through the bc2 soldier list on the forum here and added everyone tonight, if for some reason your didnt receive an request plz add me, friends list seems to be weird sometimes. Already talked with a few friends and they totally are up for game nights once or twice a week, i really look forward to it.
  5. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    I dropped that line off the info, was sorta a inside joke between a few friends from an mmo guild we were in. Its back to l0wt3k HC Mixed
  6. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    I only have a small vent atm, but i will be upgrading that soon so we will have at least a 40 person if the server stays active.
  7. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    Gonna roll just the base game for now, a bunch of people that Ive talked to so far don't have Vietnam yet. So for the time being just bc2, once i know more people have Vietnam ill swap that in as well. Or could even do something like Vietnam days, a few days a week will be Vietnam maps.
  8. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    I am going to add all of you on the BFBC2 soldier list to my friends list, if you are getting on and dont see me online feel free to add me to msn and shoot me a message and ill hop on if able to. [email protected] , just let me know who you are from occ when you add me so i dont decline yas. Thanks
  9. So just a few to add to my list. Everquest 2 Server: Unrest Character Name: Balabah / Fritz / Skeltor / Baaza / Trayu / Odini / Ziik Class: Monk / Mystic / Berserker / Illusionist / Assassin / Dirge / Warden FFXI Server: Siren Character Name: Balabah I only log in from time to time to see how the game has changed, not really into it that much anymore. FFXIV Finally got it installed again, no character yet. Eve Online Character Name: Balabah Then of course, although not mmo, BFBC2, Bringing back Bf2 and Bf2142, And still fighting with Dragonage Origins
  10. Im curious to know what your favorite conquest/rush map is, choose one of each, or if you only prefere one mode over the other what would be your favorite.
  11. Stupid question but did you recieve your activation code when you purchased Vietnam. I had the same issue when i first purchased it as well, buddy of mine told me i had to check the email and activate the serial key that was sent to me before it would allow me to join.
  12. Balabah

    BFBC2 Server

    Just started up a BFBC2 server, thought id spread the work to hopefully pick up some traffic in there. Server info : l0wt3k HC Mixed :19567 My soldier name is Balabah, throw me on friends if you'd like. I'm normally on evenings through till the later hours.
  13. I have the HD555's and totally agree, they are amazing sound, music, movie or gaming. I do need a headset though because i do allot of gaming in EQ2 mainly. With the add-on of a blu ray drive and more for privacy i cannot use my Lofitech 5.1 settup in my room so I am trying to focus on a surround sound headset. Ive tried a couple before, they sound awsome, and i have the feeling of surround sound in a private situation. Price range I would say would be up to about $200 give or take some. I am going to look into those Roccat Kave's, peaked my intrest on those for sure. Now to look for availability.
  14. I have spent the last few months looking for a surround sound headset for both gaming and movies. Here are the three I have narrowed down to. Ive read reviews and gotten mixed reviews so i thought ill ask you all here and see what comments you have, if you have used them what do you think, or what do you prefer to use if different. Logitech G35 7.1 Razer Megalodon 7.1 Cyber Snipa SONAR If it makes any difference i will be getting a Blu Ray drive within a month or so as well.
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