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  1. This is my Board.Model Number :- MSI 975X Platinum Powerup Edition. MSI Big Bang board is the perfect combination of Style , Performance & Durability.I love the Overclocking potential of this Board specially the Millitary Grade Components & the user friendlyness of its Bios.I have also heard that this is a rock solid board with all Solid Caps & i really like the design & the asthetics of the board.If a board is a high-end board & does not look good to the bare eyes , that does not serve the purpose for me but this board is a great mix of looks & performance & everything we can expect from a Premium quality Board like MSI Big Bang. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. 1. Sent the Email. 2. Became the Fan of OCC in Facebook. 3. Subscribed to OCC newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity Bosco.
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