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  1. Hey guys I seem to be having a problem when I right click search. I am using windows xp, and when i try to right click and click on the search function the search window doesn't pop up anymore. I've obviously tried to restart and it still doesn't seem to be working. If anybody could help me out this would really really be apprecaited. thx
  2. Hey guys I got a p4 2.4ghz cpu chip wiht 533fsb, includes package and everything. used for about 1 month then i got a faster chip. Asking $120 for it o.b.o. Also got a radeon 8500 vid card, for any cs players u can get 100fps constant with this card. paid like $500 for it back int he day, asking $100 bux O.B.O. for it. I'm located in Richmond Hill, pm me or drop me an email at [email protected] thx.
  3. wow that's a pretty good site know anymore?
  4. Hey guys I was wondering if any car fanatics out tehre know of any good import sites where u can learn stuff. With forums and info and reviews and stuff kinda like overclockersclub. Any input would be appreciated
  5. Hey guys i have an old comp in my house lyin around, and i'd thought i should make it atleast cs-compatible, becuase it has a decent vid card (8500), its an old p3 600, with a 20gb fujitsu 5400rpm hard drive. I'm thinking about upgrading the hard drive becuase its dieing on me, and i was wondering should i upgrade it to a 7200rpm hard drive, or stay with a 5400rpm hard drive becuase this mobo only supports ata66 hd
  6. Hey guys, i need your help in choosing a mobo for p4's. Currently, i can't choose between the Abit IT7-MAX2(845e) or the Soyo P4I-845PE(845PE), they both have hte same features, but i can't decide which one will suit me best. I plan on using some pc3500 ddr, and i need a board that will give me crazy performance. I can't seem to find any consistent comparisons of the pe chipset and the 845e chipset. So...the abit or soyo? Any input would help guys. thanks
  7. Hey guys can anybody who has cut blowholes in their side window before wiht a holesaw or dremel give me any tips or anything that they did differently when just cutting a normal blowhole in their case instead of window? Is there even any difference? 'cuz i'm afraid imma crack my window or something...any tips would help thanks
  8. Would installing LED fans in a rhebous/baybus be the same way as installaing a normal fan? Also will the LED's dim more as you turn down the fan speeds using hte rheobus?
  9. Hey guys i'm just wondering if anybody can tell me where i should cut my wires onto to my baybus. My cold cathode is slightly different
  10. the setup you were initially gonan do is prob the best. 2exhuast, 2intake. in my opninon balancing the fans is probably hte best, although others will probably disagree. Test around and see what you gives ouy better temps. as you dont' want a vacuum in side your case or a wind tunnel...so yea...just test around
  11. 50c idle is a lil' high...but if that's load then your alright. you can prob raise your vcore a lil' more be sure to keep us posted on ur oced rsesults with ur iceberg
  12. arg...all this electricity stuff is confusing me. ha only my second year in hs and we only learned electricity last year. that was the hardest friggin unit alive. ohms, resistors, blah blah blah,
  13. oh... well here's a pic of it http://www.pbase.com/image/3032851
  14. i have an asus mobo, so i use asus pc prob.e but mother moard monitor 5 (mbm5) is erally good and tells you voltages and everything. You can search it up in google and it'll giv eu sites as for goops and heatisinks. go to the modding section and at the top there's links for modding stores. hope that helps.
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