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  1. Does anyone else play this game? www.gunzonline.com send me a pm or something if you want to play, I really like this game and wish I had more time to play it. The textures suck but the gameplay is sweet and its 100% FREE.
  2. Call it weird but I just ordered that laptop less than a month ago. The screen is great, if you can handle the overall size of the machine its worth it. Personally I wish I had gone for a 15.4 model but I wanted the 6800. With the 9 cell battery I have gotten 2.5 hours while playing Gunbound online. So it'll be less if its an intense game, but thats with music playing and all that, so I'd guess its close to DVD load. The stock battery is less though, you'll be glad you have two. The only thing I don't like about it is all the random stuff that Dell throws on there before you even get it. McAffee can lick it. But at least if it breaks I can send it back at no cost and get a new one.
  3. Been almost 2 years since my last logon. Bored at work so I figured Id come back and ask for help. About 2 months ago my computer decided to break. One day the box booted up, posted fine (usual beep code), however no video was being displayed on the monitor. I checked out the monitor and it was fine (I sold it a month or so ago). My next thought was that my video card (ati 9700 AIW) had a bad HSF unit, as that had happened on my earlier video card and a simple replacement had fixed the problem. So a little while ago I bought an Artic Cooling VGA silencer, installed it, and on boot the problem persisted. I've switched to a smaller, older monitor, because I have a laptop now and didn't need my larger one. This monitor does not support my usual windows resolution, but this shouldn't change the pre-windows display (bios loading screan and whatnot) that is usually displayed. So now I'm scratching my head wondering if I have a bad video card, a bad motherboard, or something that I'm missing to salvage this mess and get my box back up. I've tested the monitor and it works fine. I'm leaving for college next month and was hoping to take this with me, but I'm not going to shell out 300 bucks for a new video card just to have a gaming rig and my laptop crammed into a dorm room. I changed no software settings before this happened. Any help would be appreciated, if you need to know anything else just let me ask. System is: p4 2.4ghz (old 400 fsb version) Asus p4c800 deluxe ATI Radoen 9700 AiW 512 pc2700 ddr
  4. Hey welcome back man. I havent been spending a lot of time around this forum anymore, and ive always been kinda off and on, but now i found a cs server near my home with a few friends on it that i post a bit more often on. Anyways, this one time a few years ago when i was out paintballing, it was a friends bday party so there were a bunch of people that were there who had NO idea what they were doing. So, this one kid showed up with foam padding taped to the underside of his ski jacket. Once we all started playing, me and this one other kid managed to get behind him and just started shooting. About 10 hits just bounced right off his back, each giving a satisfying yelp from him. He starts to run just as a ball catches his head and breaks. Most satisfying hit ive ever had.
  5. How could she forget the bacon?? geez...
  6. hmm.. normally,. if i actually check in time im always game.. but the sheer size of the new patch means im waiting till tonights lan to grab it.
  7. Man I hear you...Playing soccer and track pretty much year-round, you have an almost constant pain of twisted knees, rolled ankles, shinsplints, etc. Although this is the first thing that has put me out entirely for a prolonged time, because playing soccer with a cast is not allowed.
  8. Dont sacrifice functionality for looks. Its not worth it.
  9. Rage Against the Machine - Born of A Broken Man
  10. Yeah thanks its fealing a lot better, although taking the temp splint off and playing guitar last night for a while wasnt the best idea.
  11. Dont try to say bf1942 is simulation. It is based on true events, but the engine is really arcadey. Dont get me wrong i love this game and its many mods to death, but when you can ride an airplane wing across the battlefield, sniping people, jump off and land in a tank and start blasting its not a sim game. sim games are the r6 series or soccom/splinter cell for consoles. RTS - i like rise of nations recently, but really enjoyed wc2, starcraft, and age of empires 2.
  12. Hey, I broke my arm at a soccer game on sat, possibly cracking the growth plate in my left wrist. So as i sit and perfect one-handed typing (im guessing im about 25-30 wpm, with about 1.5x's as many errors), I was wondering how many other OCC members have broken bones that hindered their ability to mod/OC/lan or just anything else you do. Like me I have to drive my sisters subaru, not having power-steering in my car makes it a bit tough to drive for now.
  13. Hmm.. a good idea in theory, but i think it will be ruined in being carryed out. i propose, however, that we simply have an iq screaning system, followed by a board scavenger hunt that tests a members ability to search forums. Take too long or get to many wrong and whoops 2 day ban till you can try the test again.
  14. Heres My desktop as of right now. I just installed xp again recently now that the school year is up and I can install my school copy. However I havent finished modding it (boot screan, Logon, etc.) so it is likely to change.
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