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  1. Hi all! I have a question..... but first what I am trying to achieve. I have have built a linux cluster (debian openssi) from 8 machines I aquired when work where throwing them out and updating with new (we should all recycle) anyway I dont have much room so I was thinking of building a case to house all the motherboards, probubly in a fashion like a rack cabinet shelved but with only 1 mb and 1 powersupply per shelf (they are diskless remote boot so these are the only componants needed) and the shelving and casing being made of perspex plexi.... my question is regarding grounding, i know the main ground comes from the power supply but with all these units inside one case should i run a wire to touch each motherboard & powersupply to ground them? also should I be looking for a particlar type or grade of perspex and can I mod a power supply to supply power to more than one motherboard so that I dont have to have one per shelf? thanks in advance! Damo
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