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    Computers, Art, Poetry, Music,gaming,hiking, nature, d3bruts1d ;-)
  1. :giggle: It is an amusing koinkydink.
  2. I wore pajamas...and didn't brush my hair. Oh wait....
  3. Yeah it's strange. Thanks!
  4. http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/147560/voteable_entries/31566975?order=votes Looks like they moved things around lol
  5. Oook so the person in first place was kicked out for plagiarizing. Wow. The contest rules are "Describe what the photo means to you". What...is...wrong...with...people.
  6. http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/147560 Evidently now you don't have to have FB to vote. They must have heard the complaints.
  7. Eeesh the website posted the top 10. First place has over 100 votes and I'm not on the list. Humph. Ah well...no harm no foul.
  8. Don't make me queue the music again....
  9. Thanks for the votes guys. I greatly appreciate it. I'll send you a cupcake Charles lol (a zucchini one ).
  10. Bishy...don't make me cook for you.
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