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  1. Dont really need to overclock with it just wondering what everyone thinks. I need a good quiet fan for my friend who I am building a system for. It is a AMD 2000+ Is this a Good cpu fan/heatsink???
  2. Don't worry this will fix your problem. I have the same board and ran into these types of problems. First your temp is about 10 - 12 degrees off. Its the way Gigabyte made the board. Second up the vcore in bios to about +5.0% or +7.5%. It will fix your random crashing, also the blue screen of death could be from wrong ram settings. Check your ram and set it to either cas latency 2.0 or 2.5 depending on brand / type whatever. Then make sure fast command is set to NORMAL. And if you have 1T enabled change it to 2t and clock setting to auto. Make sure to turn off on board divices you do not use like raid and onboard sound and lan.
  3. No option about ACPI but I am running under ACPI, all there is in power management is SOFT OFF and AC back function that I thought would do anything but even when I change them around they do nothing. But when mobo light is orange ALL THE FANS IN THE CASE ARE ON !!! Is there a way to turn off the fans until I power everything up?
  4. Its a lil more complicated then that and yes I have already got that set. See when I turn on the power supply the WHOLE pc turns on except it doesnt boot windows until i press the power button then the power led turns from orange to green. When i shut down it hangs at shut down screen till i press power button to turn the power led orange again then i turn off the power supply because all the fans still run when led is orange. Is it a option in my bios? Front panel jumpers? My first time building a computer.
  5. I can underclock it to also, ill bring it down to 135 fsb but I dont mind it going up to 50 degrees, just dont want it hitting 55.
  6. Right now on my AMD Athlon XP 2100+ I have a CoolMaster fan/heatsink running at 8000rpm. It is really loud and keeps my cpu to 47 degrees celcius at +7.5% vcore at 146 FSB. Is there a good cooler out there that will cool down my cpu but be quiet? at least so I can hear the games I play B) .
  7. Ok when you turn on my computer (self built recently) from the back powersupply it turns on all the fans and the mobo light is orange. The computer is not on until I push the power button on the case but I would like to know how to make the computer turn on only when I press the power button and leave the power supply on in the back. When I shut down it hangs at the shut down screen and when I press the power button it turns off everything the mobo light will turn orange again and all the fans will STILL be on. Please I would like to turn off and on my computer without turning off the powersupply in the back and pressing the power buttons in front. Anyone have an idea whats going on? ------------------------- Windows Xp PRO Gigabyte GA-7vrxp 1.1 F9 Athlon XP 2100 overclocked to 1.82mhz 512ddr PC2700 333mhz Inno3d GeForce3 Ti200
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