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  1. i had to format, but it was no prob after, i wanted to format though...
  2. you couldn't count how many times i had to take a tissue to the monitor ;x
  3. Yea... Im officially done. I got Sound workin really good, even though im waiting on mounting the rears behind me, but it takes time to build up... anyway I just flashed radeon 9800 pro to XT... flashed bios on the mobo... new chipset update... Got the 8x AGP to work... The wires are a lil bit still lookin messy... but im not gonna fix it... too much stuff.. Now, the next things on my list to do is, buy a Raptor drive... 36gb... make that C:... Don't know if im gonna Raid0 it... its soo promising, but ill lose all my backups, unless, i lan it to my 60gig in the other computer... Followed by, new DVD+RW/DVD-RW + CD-RW.... black... i got this white one... its horrible though... - but it works, so whatever... Northbridge fan.... i want a new one Thats pretty much it ;D If you want some pics... there at.. m0rphs computer
  4. of course, i can change the other fans, and cathodes..
  5. yea... lol... the wire was connected, i tried using a 3pin to 4 pin, nothin either.
  6. I just got my tornado installed, its too loud, i got a 305 vantec fan controller, it says 12v, so i should work with my tornado... but it doesn't - does anyones work? and if it dont, which Fan controller should i buy?
  7. Ah nm, i got it. Everything is good except, my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with omega drivers (3.10) - Well, i go to smartgart, and it wont change to 8x, it keeps goin back to off when i restart... if anyone knows how to fix that, help me out... AND... For some reason, even if the headphones are on, when i speak into the mic, my voice and the music is recorded... really loud too... Gotta find out whats rong... New update - Soundcard. Theres a new update, well two... Jan2nd and newspeakers... check um out btw... i was so mad at the soundcard too, they didnt have a rounded IDE cable, but i had one, then i realize its different then a IDE... so i gotta deal with that flat one.. woot FINAL! Final!!
  8. God... i got the soundcard installed, sounds perfect, but... remote aint working... no one seems to know whats rong either... It doesnt send signals... i dont know how to work the sensitivity either..
  9. the blue thing is to hold my VGA Silencer... Next, dont u ever, EVER talk about my woman like that... btw she looks soooo good there ;x and i dont actually like tara reid...
  10. it's doin me fine, my . is tightly, warmly nessled, arm rests are fine, and its been over a yr too lol... Yea, wire managment is a ###### to do, Especially when you got AGP/PCI using molexes/IDEs... Im now waiting on the truck to come with my sount card. I think, i might buy... Wire Sleeving - This one looks pretty crap clean, with a 3rd bay coming, ill need more wires and all this crap, so might as well shell out 30 bucks and clean the ugly yellow/red/black cables... Wouldn't you think a company would sell more with pre-installed heatshrink/expandable wrappings? i bet some do, but i haven't seen them...
  11. Really? Thanks for the tip... i haven't got the money, so i got time to decide.. i got the Audigy ZS platinum from Egghead at 161$... Good crap price... and those speakers from Circuit City for 130$... and i LOVE them... god, if the fedex guy doesnt show tomorow, ill be pissed ;x
  12. i order everything from directron, very very very trustworthy, good people
  13. so i have a 128mb card, should i go back to BIOS and set it to 128mb instead of 64mb?
  14. Thanks, im still waiting for that soundcard, i played Call of duty last night on 6.1 - wow.. now im waiting for my ZS platinum... I'm listening to my old ruff ryders now with the bass high, its too sexy After soundcard, i guess ima buy a gig of ram, to make it 1.5gigs, im not gonna go RAID... slows my gaming down, i think... that cd-rw is like 5 yrs old, i need to paint it and its only 12x, but i always use 8x, so i might buy a 50$ CD-RW cuz i'll never use a dvdrw... And finally, ill buy a hsf for my northbridge, cool that sucker down...
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