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  1. heh thanx smith! im going to wait for my gf to get home with the playdoe and i'm gonna cover the hole damn socket and cooler hoes's full of playdoe. you think it will keep the condensation out of my socket??? im back into my asus crosshair III board again! im guessing its dry now! my ud5 last night woke up and it was off.. all the ice melted all over.. took the chip out just covered in water... so im pretty pissed about that. but the same thing happend to my asus board and its fine now so im lucky. not letting that happen again! hope the board dont mind the playdoe you think its ok for 24/7 use? everything still working 100% so im one lucky man i say!! all my hardware should be toast. but watch out! -27 right now!! im gonna do some crunchin!!!! bawhahaha
  2. ahaha yea i'm trying my best to keep up with you guys with the C-3 versions pretty hard!!! lots of time on this board now you guys notice its very picky on some voltages..??? the gigabyte ud-5 heres my suicide screen shot
  3. It's been a few coool days got a new OCCT pic! took me forever but i got it!!
  4. ahaha yea that sucker still outside, waiting for a new bios chip again tho.. damn asus! stuck using the gigabyte UD5P again. I ended up having to take the H50 out of the window do to ice forming all around the hoses.. i took my 965 chip out of that board and it looked like some water condinsation got on one row of pins.. eeeeeeek!!! so im scared now i wish i could extend the hoses.. snowy days lead to snow coming through the windows and forcing me to shut her down and move the system.. so the short hoses on the H50 . me off quite a bit!
  5. new bios so trying from scratch all auto! i got 4000 stable finaly! my temps work now again too, and it dose bottom out at 0 haha thats funny. I wonder why they cant measure below freezing point.. im gonna see how far i can get it but im maxing the voltage on the chip 1.55 but temps never go past 20 during OCCT ill try 1.5875 max for now and see what i can squeeze out of her
  6. bawhahaha thats what i like to hear! kinda worried me at first.. cold killed the reading haha. yea i was up all night as you can see the time on my screenshot. i just kept getting better and better scores tweeking takes alot of time to run so many tests and restart so many times haha well worth it! im very happy with this new board What im thinking about the H50 is maybe the constint water flow keeps it going and the heat from the chip. it just kinda freeks me out i keep an eye on the pump dropped about 50 rpm last night with the really cold weather! from the normal 1390 down to 1345 right now 1366 so there might be some kind of antifreeze in there or something cuz thats coooool water! this makes me wanna make my own custom water cooling rig with like a small freezer with the rad in there
  7. hehe thanx ya! > last night went down to like -17 so kept my chip nice and cooool lol i should show you my setup you will laugh your butt off! got my water cooling H50 hanging out the window! ahahah. i got a quick question tho... when i do get a blue screen or it craps out, i know you see different things depending on what your computer needs ex voltage too high of a clock without enough. i get 2 types of bsd's green and wired lines going across the screen like little lines going horizontal then goes to the blue screen and starts counting down, or just goes to the blue screen. i know theres a relationship between these and im just curiouse if you guys figured it out yet? like say if you get a blue screen right away without funky lines going across that means you went too high with the mhz and with the lines means not enough voltage? its just something ive been using as a guide line on what went wrong. one more question is can the water in my corsair H50 will it freeze up if it gets tooo cold out?? and why my temps for my cpu = 0???!?!
  8. bawhahahah figured out what you ment by using the one core!!!! daaaaaamn
  9. bawhaha you know what, im gonna try that! i got a new personal record tho!! i wanna get my hands on a C-3 version of the 965, but im lovin this new board go asus.
  10. This is what i got soo far! im gonna try and see what i can get when we get some colder weather here
  11. lol not quite.. about 17C-19C normally
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