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  1. Asus P5k Vanilla CPU Volt Chart. Hi, I was bored today and made this. It is a chart comparing the bios cpu volts to windows volts using CPU-Z. I just microsoft excel to make it, it isn't that great as it was the first time i used excel. Just thought i would share it with everyone. If you see anything wrong or want something added please let me know. http://www.filefactory.com/file/a4696b/ Good Day
  2. Well first off let me ask you this how much does your "bios" see when booting your pc up? If it doesn't see all of it then it is a bios issue. You can update the bios to see if that fixes it and if not there should be a setting in the bios to see more then 2 gig in the ram settings also. So you can try this first if you like and see what happens and go from there. Memory Remap or memory hole feature i think is what it is called, check in the bios for something close to that. Also could be a voltage issue with the ram and your board. And also there could be timing issues also, try setting them up correctly and manually in the bios. Or perhaps using a built on video card and the bios is getting some of your ram could be another issue also. The best way to use your 4 gig of ram is by using a 64bit os system. To fully use the whole 4 gig and enjoy it. Good Day
  3. You are very welcome. Most of us look at the simple stuff last, funny how it always works out that way. Good Day
  4. There is a real simple way. Take a jump drive and copy the "msconfig" off a windows xp machine and place it on the Windows 2000 machine. And then you can then use msconfig. Good Day
  5. Date added 02-Jul-1998 for that theme, that was the one that came with the "Redneck Rampage" game cd. I actually have that one but it was for 95, 98 and winme though. Good Day
  6. Is anyone going to fix all the spelling mistakes in this sticky? Not trying to bash no one but it should be proper to get stickied right? And by far Sapphire is the far worst company i ever did a rma with. Their return is over 6 weeks to get a return card.
  7. Yea, i've seen it in several blogs and websites but no info on where and or how to get it. Maybe it is a hoax picture. Maybe someone just did a great job with photo-shop or something. But if it does exist i like to have me a copy.
  8. Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong forum , as i really didn't find a proper place to post. Been looking for this for someone. They sent this picture to me and asked me have i seen it. Although i have it was a "RedNeck Rampage" theme pack but wasn't like this. So has anyone seen this theme pack and or know where i can get it from? Screen Shot: So i mean someone had to redo it as the older "Redneck Rampage" was for 98 and that one has xp all over it.
  9. I've used all the way to the max volts the board supports with no results, i think it was 1.60 volts.I haven't tried raising the CPU/Chipset HT Voltage from 1.20 volts yet.Maybe i just got a chip that doesn't like to be overclocked that well. Here is my cpu stepping , etc it may help you.
  10. Hi, just got this cooler in a few days ago and i replaced my current retail Amd X2 3800+ retail fan with it.Well first thing i noticed was it kept my 3800 cooler then my retail one did under a full 100% load.current temps on the retail was 41
  11. Yea if i let it try and find the settings for the overclock it takes like 5 minutes and crashes though.Thats why i was trying this but seems i'm in the same boat lol. Also i posted this in Atitool's thread so if i get a answer i post it here also to help everyone else if they are having this issue.
  12. Well i just got my ati x1800xt back from ati sapphire.So i read up everyone says get atitool and use it to overclock.So i go and grab the newest atitool version .26 and install it and start it up and i get this right from the get go and also i am using ati's drivers version 7-3's.This card is built by ati has the girl with the sword on it if that helps i see if i can find a picture of it.Also as a side note this screen issue resolves with a right click - refresh doing. Ati Sapphire x1800xt picture {sorry so small all i found real quick} Atitool Screen issues Windows screen normal no Atitool Also please remember my screen and games and apps are fine until this Atitool starts up runs solid no issues.If anyone has this card can you please post your overclocking results for your card as i need a ball park figure to get me started.And any tweak for this card i really need as i haven't used ati in a while been using a BFG 6800gt so now i have to learn it all over again.Good Day.
  13. Very nice reports thank you "jammin" for ther thread and everyone else for adding their views and stand points also.This really gave me some new info on things.Keep up the good work and thanks everyone again.Good Day.
  14. Thanks i will try and figure it all up then , i was worried because "Everest" was stating my power supply voltages @ a little under then what normal should be.Maybe it isn't very accurate or i'm stressing out over nothing. Everest Ultimate Volt Sensor S.S
  15. Hi, I like some info on how to total up the power my computer needs to run.Let me list the parts i have and power supply.And give me a how to on figuring it up etc and i will do it.I need to learn how to anyway. AMD X2 3800+ windsor {65 watt i think} ATI Sapphire x1800xt 512 dd3 pci-express Benq 16x Lightscribe dvd burner Asus M32n-sli deluxe {crazy board} 120 gig ide western digital hard drive Logitech keyboard mouse / wired Samsung SynMaster 740n 17 inch lcd PGI Turbo pc 5400 ram @ 4-4-4-12 {512 x 2 dual channel} HIPER 580 watt modular power supply http://www.hipergroup.com/English/products/hpu-4k580.html {info on it} No case {sitting on desktop bare} {maybe going to buy a Antec 900 case} I'm asking this because i just bought all this and today finally got my rma'd ati video card back. Maybe this will be all the info you need i hope, if not i will get what ever else you need.Good Day
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