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  1. To the naysayers: I must say, having been given the choice to purchase either a PS3 or a Wii, I'm much more satisfied with the Wii than I think I would have been with the PS3. I was very unimpressed with the PS3 graphics (launch titles, so maybe not the best basis of judgment), given that the system costs $600. I have CoD3 and Zelda and both of them are a riot, albeit single player. I just got a 2nd controller and did the boxing against a friend tonight - loads of fun. To the people that actually replied something useful to the topic: http://www.engadget.com/2006/11/29/mod-you...wireless-for-8/ This is a battery operated sensor bar, only it's a bit sexier than the one above - your factory sensor bar will need to become a sacrifical lame, though.
  2. i love google (and their suite of tools) just as much as the next nerd, but all it will take is someone just a little more innovative to wipe them off the board. if you're giving it a 5-10 year timeline, i think they will eventually sink.
  3. A while back there was something all the rage about Jack Thompson saying video games are mastubatory, and there was a link to the article in question. I defended some of what Jack had to say in the interview, but he's gone a little overboard for me. This kid commited suicide after posting on two forums that he was planning to end his life. There are more details in the article, so I'm not going to go in to that, but Jack Thompson sent a message to the site (click on the link "In Response to Jack Thompson" to see what he said) that completely exploits the dreadfulness of this kid taking his own life. One of the comments was that Jack gives Christians a bad name, and I agree. If any of you have read the Bible or heard some of the stories, Christ kicks the priests out of the temple because they had distorted the Mosaic laws and expanded the list of 10 to 600+. He says, "My yoke is easy, my burden is light," to the believers, saying that all of those other laws no longer matter. Apparently Jack missed the boat when he interpreted this part of the Bible. For nonbelievers, I'm not saying that you have to believe, just asking that you not hate all Christians because of what this very intolerant person says.
  4. glad i read through the whole topic, or i would still be thinking inji was talking about emotions and then i started to wonder why other sites had so much drama and furthermore why inji thought OCC wanted more drama! then i realized he was talking about emoticons
  5. went to school in small town Iowa, saw trash fires all the time... on one trip, i was driving along HWY 2 in south west IA and it must have been trash burning day because there was black smoke all over the place... I helped one of my bosses tear down an old shed behind his house (in town, mind you) and we torched it right in his back yard... I think Iowans are trying to compete with metros for air pollution...
  6. you could round it yourself... it was cool back in the day when rounded cables started coming out... just get a sharp exacto or utility knife and cut between every 4 or 5 wires on the cable... BE VERY CAREFUL, THO! esp. since those cables aren't just standard IDE so it would probably cost a bit more to replace it.
  7. you have any siblings? not to suggest that I think of jack thompson as a brother, but consider this. growing up, my sister and i would start pinching matches, which would escalate in to hitting matches, which would eventually end up with someone getting hurt and crying to mom. the old saying, "it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt," rings a bell. sure mr. thompson is being immature by calling video games mastubatory and by telling us all we need to get a life (whereas in my case, that may be the truth... anyone have any work for someone w/ an elementary ed degree but has now decided he doesn't want to teach?) but, by having a negative reaction, it will escalate, possibly ending the same way the penny arcade episode ended with jack crying to "mom" (in this case, the feds and the Seattle PD). you can't fight fire with fire. you can step up and be the bigger man and be a peaceable advocate for your cause.
  8. I use an LG L1980U... it might still be a little pricier than $350, but I think Best Buy had a rebate this week on some variant of the same monitor (may have been the L1980Q)... only complaint I have is that the arm doesn't stay at the height I tell it to, meaning gravity takes over and the screen isn't as high as I set it. Gaming performance is excellent (I play a lot of FPS where it really makes a big difference)
  9. some of these replies are exactly what thompson is trying to get out of people... a kick in the nuts, eggings, .50 cal aspirin... that's the kind of stuff that he wants to hear gamers retort with because it shows the level of maturity of many gamers. if you have something constructive to say in response to the linked article, maybe that would be more interesting to hear, rather than "jack thompson is a lunatic and shouldn't ever see life" or something along those lines. (sry mods if i'm calling in to question some people's level of maturity, but it is definitely a point of consideration)
  10. read the whole interview, and, up until the very end where he spouts off, it was very professional and I think he had some good points... it's not anything that the video game industry disagrees with, tho, so i'm not really sure what the big argument is
  11. imo, i think "hitting" (spanking would be more appropriate, I think) isn't necessarily a bad thing, so long as the child understands what it's for. If the kid did something 5 hours ago and then you find it, it's not the best time to spank him/her. If your kid does something right in front of you to tick you off and you're angry, also not a good time for spanking. It has its place. Now, as far as respect (Byron said something about teaching respect early on), I have the utmost respect for my parents. Also, I have one of the most honest and open relationships with my parents. 22, through college and, aside from the goriest of details, my mom knows pretty much what I experienced in college (and she still loves me, even if I did make some bad choices). If that isn't a good mother-son relationship, not sure what is. As long as we're talking about good parenting, I think a place that we should all really consider is (especially the men), is how much of an active role we're going to take in our children's lives. As a kindergarten teacher in a rough district, I've seen the vast differences in child behavior from a single-mother home compared to kids whose parents are still married. If we are really going to successfully address child behavior, men step up and take responsibility (aka, if you knock some girl up, DON'T BE A DEADBEAT!)
  12. Maybe no one has any experience with this card in particular, but does anyone have any general experience with XFX? I'm trying to piece together a computer to get AFTER the holidays and this card looks pretty good to me (I refuse to go with eVGA because of some very bad experiences I've had with them) XFX Geforce 7800GT Thanks! edit: I'm considering an MSI K8N SLI-F, so should I go with the MSI Geforce 7800 GT instead?
  13. Is offering a Bible really "forcing" religion on anyone? If they are just offering a Bible, I think they are showing concern for your welfare. As Christians, we are called to share Christ's message, and for many that means to give out Bibles. If they are forcing a Bible on you, that's a different story.
  14. perhaps I can suggest something that some may view to be a bit naive. I am what is called a "centrist". In high school genetics, we were taught evolution, but my genetics teacher was a religious man that also told us that there were some people in the world that believe in creation, while some believe in centrism. Centrism is a mold of both creation and evolution. I'm not all read up on ID, but I do believe in creation by God and also in evolution. Perhaps that may put me out of the "Christian" category according to some people, and not exactly in the same category as, say, KB would fall under. However, that's my belief and my understanding of the origin of life. Just like what Lo said, it's MY belief. I have faith that God exists because of several very powerful experiences in my life (that some may rule out as coincidence or physical anomallies), and that is why I believe what I believe.
  15. p8, I really do hope that, as you have read through the other posts, you have come to the realization that not ALL self-proclaimed Christians are racist and bigoted. If you are still struggling with that, perhaps some of my views can help you make that determination. A quick preface: While I do not necessarily agree with everyone that has previously posted, I will not condemn one person in my post. These are my opinions, and though yours may be different, that is your understanding of God, Christ and religion as it is best for you to understand. I pray that you have the same mercy for me. I'll start at the end: the after-life. In my church, one belief of the after-life is that, when you die, you go to a place called Paradise. While growing up, I basically understood this to be like a constant Sunday school. Paradise is a place where you learn about Christ and His teachings. Paradise is not restricted to members of my church, just as it is not restricted to members of Christianity. Anyone who dies goes to Paradise. Upon Christ's return to Earth, Satan is locked away for a period of time (usually believed to be 1,000 years), and all those that had been to Paradise come back to Earth as messengers. During this time, there is peace on Earth and all will be educated. After Christ's rule, Satan will be let out for a short time. After Satan's rule on Earth, the Judgment Day will be at hand, and everyone will be given the choice oh what they believe. Those that choose Christ will go to Heaven - those that choose otherwise will go to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. That is the belief I had while growing up. In my church, we are also taught that there are three levels of Heaven; the Celestial (the highest), Telestial (middle) and Terrestrial. These different levels of Heaven are attained by God's judgment on your life. After getting out of college and having done some of the things I've done, I wouldn't be surprised if I got the Terrestrial level. Now, let me explain a few more things about my church. First of all, my church believes in Agency. This is God's gift for us to choose what we believe. My church has no creed, but we do hold to some central tenants. For example, our mission statement is "To proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace." We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and also that he is Emmanuel, or "God with us" in the flesh. But, many people in my church do not believe that, if you don't have the same beliefs, you are destined for Hell. Because of Agency, I have some personal beliefes that I will continue with. I have more of a universalist view of God. We are all God's creation - Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims; Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians. The final judgment rests with God. I believe that God is a merciful and compassionate God. I don't think that God would want to see his creation suffer, especially if that creation was never given the opportunity to learn about Him and his son. I believe that God will have mercy on those that are "without the word" and judge them according to their lives. As far as experiencing a lot of hypocrisy, I can certainly understand your struggles with that. While some people do go overboard, please understand this: We are all hypocrites. If we are to truly live as we are instructed, we will all have to preach against something we have done in our lives. While that certainly does not give someone the right to condemn someone to Hell or to tell someone what they are or are not, that does mean that we will have to swallow our pride, ask forgiveness for our sins, and if called upon by the Lord, share the witness of our experience with others that may be facing a similar situation.
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