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  1. They look really good in Vista. The water and smoke motion is bordering on perfect. Adrianne looks real, though you can see the limits of the wireframe system used to make her. A more detailed wireframe is needed, as the accuracy of the rest of it accentuates the hard edges made by it. I haven't run Froggy yet. I'll let you know.
  2. Exactly. People don't like change, even if it is for the better.
  3. Thats how it started with mine. Random in game crashes, and then random crashes out of game. Then it started crashing 3 seconds after windows loaded, every time.
  4. I'm also running Vista X64 for CS:S. I;d say update your drivers. I had some issues with the default drivers, but the 100.30 BETA drivers solved it for me. (I'm running an ASUS 8800GTS). Try the 97.46 version. On a side note, I had 2 7900GTs die on me. I sent the second one back and got the 8800. NVidia seemed to have a high return rate for the early 7900 series. Keep an eye on it. Mine started causing random restarts last time.
  5. I don't play much anymore. The .sys files it adds to the DLL folder couldn't be pulisher verified by Vista. I'd play in x64 but then I'd have to reboot.
  6. Sounds like the card took a dive. Did you install the heatsink properly?
  7. What the benchmarks don't show is the visual quality increase. HDR and AA work much better together. However. At high resolutions, the drivers keep failing. I thought it was BF2142 at first, but when I cranked up the graphics 3DM06 crashed too. Oh well. Like I said BETA drivers. *Update The drivers like to fail for high resolutions with AA and AF. Hopefully I can narrow it down to the specific problem. The mp3 speed limit goes away when you windows key out of a game, but IDK if that is Vista or the drivers. I listened to 20 or so songs in less than 2 seconds lol. *Update*Update I turned off AA and stopped having problems. Oh well. It really doesn't look much different, and the improved framerate seemed to make up for it. Perhaps AA has lost it's usefulness at 2048x1536?
  8. You're welcome! Tried the x64 ones out. They work as advertised, read the page before downloading. I would like to emphasize here, THESE ARE BETA DRIVERS AND HAVE SOME BUGS! (X86) http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1554 (X64) http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1555 Enjoy. I have been playing on this all day. My initial impressions are good. The drivers loaded without a problem. The major things I notice are picture quality, and HDR. Both have improved greatly. BF2142 and CS:S both run better in Vista. My 3DMark06 score is significantly higher. My best XP Pro x64 score. With the OS stripped bare, nothing running but the nessicarries and 3Dmark06. First run in Vista with the BETA drivers and none of the operating system turned off. Vista wins by am astonishing 282 marks.
  9. Or write your own OS! Then after all that hard work and money, give it away to everyone. Then the problem is solved.
  10. It offers me a lot. I built this machine with Vista in mind. Including my DX10 video card. DX10 is worth it alone. But things I have read lead me to believe that there will be a DX10 release for XP, but not until after Vista has been out for a while. Again, this is purely what I inferring from the vast amount of reading I have done on Vista. I'm disabled. I have a lot of time on my hands and I love to learn. So all I do is read. I have the 8800 Vista x64 graphics drivers. I have yet to get Steam on there. I had to do a reload today so I haven't gotten into it. Give me until Saturday and I'll have benchmarks for you.
  11. The only game I have gotten to work on RC1 is CounterStrike Source. I haven't ran it on my new machine, but it ran amazing on my old one. Give me a bit and I'll get a benchmark for ya.
  12. 19" Samsung SyncMaster 997DF. I am thinking of getting a higher res one.
  13. I think that's still form when I started at 1.8, or maybe on the way up. I tested a few times, so I'm not sure but it was at least .2GHZ ago.
  14. I just ran super pi set one to each core. The left is core 0, right core 1. I left Corecenter running to monitor my temps as a precaution the first time. It never went above 41C so I feel safe running it without monitoring now. I think that may explain the difference in time. Core 1 came in second behind each time, with a few variances. I"m not sure how to interpret this. Any thoughts?
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