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  1. I'm pretty sure that this issue will be fixed next time we upgrade the forums.
  2. Testing. So where is this happening? I posted right here in the forums and it said I posted at 10:07AM and at the bottom of the forum the time is 10:07AM as well.
  3. Oh my, I forgot to mention that. It's mostly technical changes, like bug fixes and little tweaks here and there.
  4. We're running v3 of the skin right now, so if anyone is having issues with any part of the forum skin let us know in this thread so that it can get fixed ASAP. - George
  5. Just for the record, we didn't do anything to your account nor did we do anything to fix it. I'm sure it was just a temporary issue that solved itself.
  6. I'm pretty sure thats high enough for me, lol. But too bad my screen is only 17 inches! xD
  7. Was Kamikaze_Badger refering to you as the member who told him about the issue? So you're saying you got the error while you were trying to post? That's very strange. Can you do me a favor and try logging into that account and try posting using that account again to see if the issue is still there? Thanks, George
  8. Really now, do you ever think Microsoft will ever give out free copies of Ultimate? That would be pretty cool if they did though, but too bad I already have Ultimate.
  9. Check this out guys! The news came from our GameGrep website. Anyone else excited for this game? I'm a die-hard Metal Gear fan and I seriously cannot wait much longer for this game to come out! xD
  10. George

    Hey Hey Hey

    Welcome aboard mate.
  11. Hey there! Welcome aboard!
  12. George

    Fellow OCer's

    Welcome aboard.
  13. Gamertag: GeorgeSCV Games I play: Halo 3 at the moment.
  14. So it wouldn't be free then?
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