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  1. It's a perpetual freak show, no doubt haha. I appreciated the pic of the guy that apparently sniffs a lot of paint lol
  2. I can remember being the top posted a couple times under my former account... a mod warned me. lol Must have been very bored.
  3. I AM WANTING TO LOWBALL, SHOULD I PM YOU? Seriously though, prices help people make offers. So do descriptions and pictures.
  4. Use google... find a windows NT/2K/XP password reset CD online, easy to find. Then use the magic jelly bean key finder to get the OEM key.
  5. Should have used a smaller tank... at least he didn't use a top dollar setup or use vegetable oil.
  6. Could you see if one of the WINTV cards is working? Come with any accessories?
  7. No, sorry. What you see for s370 combos is what I have, three others with the same board, chips and HSFs. You can get a nice PCI video card if you're thinking of making a workstation / desktop out of one of these combos. Back in the day I had a GeForce 6200 PCI in my Dell and did some gaming. I'll bet cards like that and better are a dime a dozen now. If AGP is a must, or old school overclocking is what you like... I have these I didn't list yet. Asus P2B DS - A dual pentium II board, now running dual Pentium III 750s @ 840 MHz This board has AGP and I could include a TNT2. Abit BP6 - This board was very popular back when it came out. The first board that allowed users to use and overclock dual PPGA celerons. I think some people got their celly 333s to 733+ on water. I have a 333... or 366 maybe... and a 433 to go with this. Probably too slow for you? But good for nostalgic reasons. Hard core modders have run 800 MHz P3s in it... google it and you'll find a ton of info. My suggestion for ease and speed is to go with the combos above, and a nice PCI video card. If you want a touch of OCing and old school, maybe the P2B.
  8. Already got a PM on the 80 GB WD, sounds like it's sold. I have another 80 GB WD I can sell ya though, just need to pull it out of a computer. If you're interested in the second one, it's yours. The audigy 2 is just the card itself. Model SB0240, has six 3.5mm plugs on the back (one digital) and a firewire port. Both parts have been great to me. Also, to others, please feel free to inquire about the Yellow items. They were reserved for someone who was going to take a month to pay me so I ended that deal. Some is sold, some is scrapped. All the ram except for the 2 GB kit as of now I think is available.
  9. Also, I have the IO plate for the mATX 775 board... may also have one for the other 775 board. Not sure. BUMP
  10. Oh, I wasn't sure how the classifieds sections worked here, is that correct to just let it die down? Other places I've been you have to PM a moderator or manually move the thread to a found / sold section.
  11. You going to delete or rename this topic then? I was going to offer a newer IDE drive, an HP with lightscribe,
  12. From my threads on the O/C Forums: Yellow is pending, Red is sold. One buyer seems to be a PITA, so feel free to inquire on yellow items. MAKE OFFERS, BUY MULTIPLE ITEMS AND I MAY LOWER THE PRICE
  13. Wow, if I have this right you only got to own this puppy for two days? Link That's rough... these aren't easy to sell. I finally sold my single stage, sounds like this one is probably able to take a little more heat. Your pics don't seem to be working also... Good luck selling her, might want to try putting an ad on a few forums. Congrats on the new child
  14. Bizzzzump~! Make any offer! I want this thing gone!
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