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  1. well i was concerned my judgement of the photo was off, but i just see a hidden art behind this photo of a photo.
  2. I took this photo with my phone. im an ametuer photographer and it was the only camera i had with me, its a 3.2mp nokia, 6500 slide. i was wondering if anyone else saw the art in a photo of a photo... http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/4018/image019c.jpg i love it for some reason. theres a certain nostalgic feeling behind it. opinions?
  3. i want something that will use the same drivers so windows doesnt asplode my graphics cards, lol. so nvidia was out of the question. i got this 3870 for an EXCELLENT deal. dont know wh it was so cheap but i dont care lol.
  4. That was my intention, to not interfere with the 3870x2s crossfire. looks like the next drivers will fix it for me, i just wonder wither or not i should attach the crossfire bridge, im guessing not. i hope the card is usable without the bridge attached. it should be... Indeed that is good news. i was thinking if i just didn't attach the crossfire bridge it would be fine... nonetheless it shouldn't be too long until 8.9 is released. ill just handle a single core for now all games are fine fps wise anyway, i only run at 1650x1080. lolnoty. that stupid little thing is probably like a ninegooglebilliondollars.
  5. I plan on running 3 monitors and currently have a 3870x2 with 2 monitors attatched. having dual monitors on a crossfire setup disables crossfire. can i buy another 3870 (not an x2 card like my other one) and attach one monitor to the 3870x2, with that running crossfire, and attach 2 monitors to the 3870, without the monitors on the 3870 affecting the crossfire on the 3870x2?
  6. Very nice review thanks! im eager to play this.
  7. oh, what do you know, my specs are in my sig lol.
  8. I currently have a right with as 3870x2, a crossfire motherboard (x38-dq6) and an e8400 ect. i currently have 2 screens setup on this rig but i am simply not appeased enough, and my 3870x2 only allows for dual monitors (dual DVI). if i shove another 3450 into my second pci-e slot, will i be able to run 3 screens happily? i currently run the 8.7 drivers.
  9. are they letting us adjust fan speeds yet? please? otherwise ill stick with 8.7, wont bother upgrading.
  10. i am loving my LG 22 inch LCD (specs in my sig) but i havent really tested the viewing angles. from what i can see it is awesome, and games run flawlessly. 5ms response time and a massive 5000:1 contrast ratio... its awesome! Im from australia and couldent find it on newegg tho. ty the 22 inch on newegg with the 3000:1 contrast ratio.
  11. PSU was the problem. ill bever buy a gigabyte PSU again, especially when 2 are faulty or simply NOT up to the task.
  12. I still need help here. i have eliminated the Motherboard (replaced), RAM (tried a stick from a friend, generic kingston 1.8v nothing special), Sound card (took it out, played with no sound and it still restarted), DVD-ROM drive(unplugged and restarted still) , both of the hard drives( tried a different HDD), my GPU (replaced)and my PSU (replaced) as the problem. i have also unplugged the secondary screen and no dice. imk going to get a different model PSU now (corsair 720w) and try it out.
  13. Thankyou very much! im happy to see the implementation of the system wherein crossfire doesnt have to be disabled in order to enable multiple displays.
  14. Well ive never heard of renting mobos here in australia... i think if i come to the coclusio that its the mobo ill just replace it. i need help badly :9 just replaced the motherboard and it still restarted. i am really perplexed... im getting ram and a spare gpu froma friend to test it against tomorrow or so. [23:01] <ApfDAMAN> im runnign prime95- CPU usage has been 100 percent for an hour, no restarts [23:01] <ApfDAMAN> i think the gpu is taxing the PSU to much? perhaps?
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