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  1. the whole story is that i just moved here from austin and don't have a doctor here so i got my prescriptions filled before i left. i hadn't been taking them because i got a cortizone shot from my orthopedic surgeon in georgetown this past january (they last six months). instead of having the vicodin in two and a half bottles, i put them in the one bottle and put them in my glove box. yes, i have a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder and impingement something or another in both. i have copies of my mri's, doctor visits etc. etc. i was just asking, i've already retained a lawyer, $3500 later and will never put any pills in an unmarked bottle again. he stopped me because i had a black friend of mine in the car. and yes three attorney's have told me that was more than likely the reason. although i was at my work right in front of the police station. i have learned a hard lesson on being 38 years old and irresponsible, but i have no priors, no drug history etc. but thank y'all for your input. also, when i performed a search on jeeves, this web site was a hit. sorry for inadvertantly posting this message to a technical website. smd
  2. i recently received a felony drug charge here in nacogdoches texas, that's east texas for those who don't know. i had 105 vicodin in a bottle in my glovebox, but i have a presription from my family doctor and orthopedic surgeon in austin texas. a local attorney said that it is not illegal to have them in an unmarked bottle but never a good idea. he says that it's in the texas penal code, but whoa, that's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. if anyone can advise me on this i would sure appreciate it, because in this little local rural community they're apparently looking to make a bust on anything. thanks, shaun
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