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  1. I can tell you that the case (or lack there of I should say) that I am working on now has 1000+ hours in it and needs about 1000 more to finish. I like to push people out of the 'standard' box when it comes to computers. I get tired of the same old box, don't you?
  2. Thanks and no problem. Here are a few more pics. I warn everybody though, I think outside the box. Literally.
  3. Ok, I thought more like the B-2 and stealth fighters and such, sorry.
  4. Let me know when you find one. I like your theme. I can send you some free airbrush masks and help with your theme if you want. What type of theme elements are you going to add?
  5. Not at all, I can help with all kinds of topics. Airbrush, Servers, Graphics, Sceenprinting...just to name a few.
  6. After more than a thousand hours, I finally made it. I am hoping more people will get into 'scratch' modding after seeing my mod. I know it is more difficult, but it is well worth it. CPU mag normally keeps a strict 'recognizable pc' stance. I believe that the 'trashcan' mod and mine are the only 'out of the box' mods that have made it to the cover. If you are interested in showing CPU magazine that more people are interested in ALL kinds of mods, please pick up a copy of this issue! Should hit news stands in 2 to 3 weeks. I am hoping to show Chris Trumble (Editor in Chief) that some of us are interested in the 'wookie' mods as well as the standard box mods. I also have a free downloadable video on my site showing me airbrushing it in black light. Click on this link and click on the MAD MOD MEDIA link on the left. Absolut Extremes I don't offer my services to the public anymore. (corporate only) I just post videos and how to's to help fellow modders. One small step for MODS, one giant leap for MOD kind
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