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  1. I would get ATI 9500 moddable, cause it nicer than Ti 4800 and better
  2. skop3

    Custom Case

    woah, nice deisgn, ver different. what are you going to use to build the case? I am thinking of building my own case as well. wooden case. and lots of room fo my big . fans.
  3. skop3

    Newbie Case Question..

    ummm the question is noobish,... but umm i dont drill new holes
  4. skop3

    New And Used Stuff

    how mcuh for the case fans?! are they loud?
  5. skop3

    Computer For Sale

    umm, 600 US, with free shipping for that? you must be insane. that is amazingly cheap. umm, if I do purchase it from you, how would I pay you? and do I pay you up front?
  6. where do i go to turn it off? tell me where I go please.
  7. when ever I restart my computer that messeage pops up, since I have the burnt version of xp pro, I can't send report. however i clicked on send report,and it said that there was someting wrong with my videocard. I updated my driver, and it still said the same thing. It told me where the error was. It was in the windows folder, called minidump. It has like 3 files in it, and I dont know what to do with them. Since I dont turn my computer off alot, its not a big problem, but when I do restart this problem makes me mad.
  8. skop3

    Samsung Dynaflat 955df 19

    I think its good... but NEC is pretty good too..
  9. skop3

    Need Help Picking New Game

    how bout cs? it even works on P1... lol (fps) umm thps3 used to be good...(sport) NFS HP2 is awesome(driving) 007 NF is cool (fps)
  10. skop3

    Ati Radeon 9900 Pro

    NV 30 will own ATI my opinion
  11. skop3

    Direct X 9

    liek wut!?
  12. skop3

    Microsoft Optical Mouse Light

    cool.. but how do you get a free mouse from MS? I really want to know
  13. skop3

    Direct X 9

    i think it just came out.. well anyways for me I downloaded it today.. I dont see any difference.
  14. skop3

    Sex Ratio Of Overclockers

    only 2 girls out of like 40 votes.. thats sad.
  15. skop3

    My Pc Stopped Booting Up:(

    yea get a differ memory if bio didnt work.