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  1. crappy temps, my stock temps are much lower
  2. well its a new technology to them and it takes some time, they havent made a sound depth prog yet, most likely because it is a bunch of collage kids> I.E. no money...u would have to buy a lot of compresstion controles, let alone make the progs for it..... time and money is usually somthing collage kids dont have.....but i still think its a pretty sweet contraption.....i wanmna make one with 2 bongos...... or something......
  3. yo, i just thought u guys might like to see this, its pretty freaking nuts, theese kids in collage buits a robot drumkit useing aircompresstion and running music threw this little breadboard that they modded up, its preatty freakin sweet http://www.graffagnino.net/wwwpeart/ it was the lastest post on hackaday.com i dono if all of u go there, so check oput the vids n stuff, its awsome, wut u think?>
  4. Hay, an idea for this u can get a water pump from one of thoes little water fountains, that people put in there rooms and things, thats what i was gonna use, u can usually find them at gurage sales for liek 5 bucks.....
  5. haha the floppy at the bottom looks like a chevy emblem....
  6. ok i have a via mini-itx 600 and 800 MHZ and on both of them i have loaded win xp pro before but now i took them out and tryed to boot them new stystems with them and i keep getting the message Couldnt Find NTLDR meaning basicall it needs a boot disk....but there is no floppy port...any one have this problem befor and can anyone help!?!?!?!? or is there another way around this???
  7. seriously if u want ur mobo to look cool just buy a cool lookin one....i would be afraid to turn it on after i painted it.........
  8. thats pretty sweet ill have my new case up after i cut the new window in it
  9. are you guys blind...dont you see the huge elec motor on the end thats replaceing the exhaust so it is still producing boost....but still....that would be a little to much presure......
  10. Frozen i thought u were the girl at first, i was like wow...... a girl like that.......on...here.......lol HAHAHA!! DUDE nick u look like u have no neck lolololol.
  11. it looks kinda weird and heavy ...........could come ur hair in front of it
  12. dude that case is soo sweet i wish i had thoes kind of tools thats some crazy stuff.
  13. hah, i was going green but i had uv rounded cables so i went uv blue i still have all my old green stuff...hehe
  14. thats pretty cooleo......i was a nosecone for a plave on my can........not
  15. ={n0nAssorted Jellybeans}=
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