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  1. Kobe burgers and some truffle fries! So full

  2. Little day trip an hour outside Austin. Lockheart the birthplace of bar-b-q

  3. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes. Really made my day!!

  4. Playing some GTA V. Got the windows open and feeling that cool breeze while pulling down a house off the Vinewood Hills.

    1. Fragsman


      100% ENVY!!!!! I want GTAAAA

  5. The price is right is doing plinko all day! Ahh the life of unemployment!

  6. Favorite time of the year feels like its starting today! Fall!!

  7. I don't get the big deal with sudafed. They check my ID to get it and I take one but nothing happens. I mean I feel better but with jumping through more hoops than circus seal I thought I'd be seeing unicorns right now.

  8. If you have stock in Pandora's radio service go ahead and sell it now because Apple's new iTunes Radio rocks!!

  9. Don't forget Apple users today around 10 am iOS 7 should be available for download. Go to "settings" then "general" and the "software update". This is for iPhone 4 and up & iPad 2 and up. Also Apple TV's should also be getting an update & quite possible iTunes might as well.

    1. Fragsman


      I did it. In general is better than iOS6. Critics: Still no timer in camera and Safari is not working ok, keyboard is way too lagged. And well I never liked those icons.

  10. Fingers crossed. Finally got through to unemployment lol. 10 weeks of unpaid claims hopefully.

  11. Nearly two months and still no unemployment even though I'm eligible. They say I have to call them but the lines have been busy for two [email protected] weeks now! #givingup

  12. Dolphins & the Nationals win today. Ya, today was a good day.

  13. Some positive news! Chase bank just reversed all penalties for my fraud case in just a 2 min phone call. Say what you want but Chase just made my day.

  14. 3am and I can't sleep. Just now starting to stress about no job lol

  15. First day of school!!

  16. Cosmo baby! This last weekend put the smack down on me. Time to hibernate!

  17. So I'm at home watching "America's got talent" and all of a sudden the TV goes out. Izabelle, who's supposed to be in bed, started streaming Netflix from the iPad. Now the funny part....her mom put her to bed 10 min ago or so I thought. Apparently Teresa Almaraz wanted to give her an extra 10 min. before bed. #busted

  18. Got 4 hours of duck dynasty to plow through :) Got my spiked iced tea next to me

    1. bishop245


      yuck to the duck nice to the tea :)

  19. Out having an adventure with Dan Roberts

  20. I'm so hungry that the food on "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" looks pretty dang good!

  21. Just got Netflix.... I didn't know it was this awesome. Now to cancel Cox?

  22. Just sittin back with a drink watching some BET lol

  23. Day 1 of my new diet......

  24. Badass' love Top Gun....and I'm a badass!

  25. Omg my back and neck are on fire! Someone please put it out!!

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