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    Official 2012 OCC Christmas Contest

    great contest. thanks for bringing the opportunity to win these great prizes to the community!
  2. mr._blue_sky

    project 8054 on an ati, can I make it stop?

    saw the fix to the bug in this forum today and it finally works again, albeit slow for now.
  3. alright, I have been folding fine for the last few days, and suddenly the folding at home client/servers decide to start trying to give me nvidia WUs. How can I make it stop? can I even make it stop? no folding has happened for the last day The reason I know that these are nvidia WUs is that it is trying to access core_15, which to my knowledge is an nvidia/fermi core. What can I do?
  4. missed that. I usually don't look in that section. my bad mods can lock this up or delete it if necessary
  5. Just wondering if these would be worth the price because of their unlocked multipliers? they are the 655K( 3.20ghz i5), and the 875K (quad core i7 2.93 Ghz). reason I ask is because I am thinking of upgrading(and having the ability to do some good overclocking) soon and was wondering if it was worth the price. Tigerdirect is selling them for $200 and $300 respectively
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    2010: Console Gamertags, Names, And Codes

    might as well put mine in here PSN: the_mad_salvi you will usually catch me playing MW2
  7. damn, good thing I waited to order some stuff i needed
  8. mr._blue_sky

    Playstation 3 help

    little update: seems I somehow got a lemon when I got my backwards compatible ps3(bought it new). Every update done since 3.15 has caused a failure of the bluray drive and control board. I have sent it to get repaired by sony 3 times, each time it fails after I update. This final time(just sent it in) it seems that they believe something else is screwy with my ps3, so they are going to swap it for a refurbished model PS3(will be the exact same model ps3 I am told). Hopefully this time it will work perfectly fine for a very long time, although it sucks that it took so long to finally get it resolved(about a month of back and forth shipping), but I will be very happy when I finally can play my ps3 again.
  9. mr._blue_sky

    Playstation 3 help

    The bad thing about this new update(for me) is that I bought the PS3 to specifically use the PSN and play online with my cousins, and others. This meant that I had to complete the update in order to keep using is as I always had. I should have guessed that this was going to happen to me. It happened also when I updated to 3.15. I have the XXXXE-01 80GB model. My guess is that I have just had a run of some horrible luck. I already sent it to Sony, although I have to say that they aren't the most careful with the PS3, as the bottom came scratched up a bit( was in mint condition before). Pissed me off, but since I didn't take pictures of it before, I have no way to prove to them that it didn't already get sent to them like that. Like I said before, I may just be having a run of some horrible luck. I had tried every option on the recovery mode screen, and none of them helped either time that my PS3 failed. I think I got a lemon.
  10. mr._blue_sky

    Playstation 3 help

    I had just received my ps3 back from being repaired by scea today(for this exact same problem) and within 30 minutes of upgrading to 3.21, it no longer read any disc. It got to the point that it would not even load a disc. I am going to see if I can revert to 3.15. edit: sending it back to be repaired for the problem they had already supposedly repaired. At least it will be at no charge to me.
  11. I wanted some ideas on what would be a good "bang for your buck" card to buy. I heard that the ATI HD4670 was pretty good for its price, more bang for your buck than the 9600GSO, is that true? I do not want to spend more than 100 dollars, since I do not play games all too often. I do need an upgrade though, since I have a rather slow 8600gt, and cannot play games at good resolution with it. Any sub $100 USD card recommendations? or should I just wait and see if they bring out any better cards for the sub-$100 market?
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    WCG Milestones

    kamikazebadger passes 2,000 congrats
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    Whats up with the points/members?

    all of our team members have been doing great. keep up the good work guys, every little bit helps
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    WCG Milestones

    KingDingeling passes 1,000 wormy987123 passes 2,000
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    WCG Milestones

    Milestones Yesterday bigevil954 passes 2,000 congrats