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  1. Having owned guns myself and hunted for many of years I will say this.. Guns do rust and need taking care of. I clean and oil my guns once a month. I keep them in a dry cabnet. Gun cases that are foam lined tend to draw moisture and cause rust. The old saying, longer the gun the more acurate is a myth. Any and all guns can achieve good acuracy. This is done with proper sight alignment. with practice any gun can be a very good acutrate piece. I like revolvers. A revolver never jams and is easy to reload. I do own a couple auto's. A 9mm Browning and a colt (Gold cup) 45 auto. I also have a 25 auto that fits in the palm of my hand and with carefull aim can hit at 50 yards. I also own a Winchester 30-30 Traper w/scope ( 170 grain jacketed hollow points) Deer & Bear) Dan-Weston 44mag ( 240 j-hollow points ) Backup piece. Thompson Center Cap & Ball 56 cal. Muzzlelodaer - Deer & Bear 12 guage pump for Duck & Skeet shooting. Also shoots 3 inch mags. 3 - 22. pistols ( revolvers ) Target.. one 9mm & 45 auto - Collectors items only. (45 was my Dads Army side gun )
  2. Stage #1 - Go into Uncontrolable Shakes.. Stage #2 - Fall To Floor & Curl Up Into Fetal Position Stage #3 - Get Out Lappy & Hope It To Is Not Broken...
  3. My sig rig.. Just had it in for a tune up and a new heatsink for the vid card.
  4. Just call Micro$ and they will issue you a new id number and activate for you.. No problems..
  5. I hear ya, Bigred. I was raised in a family that had guns. We were taught at an early age to respect them. Did a lot of hunting in my time and miss it, due to health reasons.. I agree with bigred. You cannot give just anyone or everyone a gun. Not everyone has respect for guns and thats the first thing about owning a gun is having respect for it and knowing what it can do. Kill.. One point I want to make and I'm not trying to push gun control or anything. It's just gets me all wound up when I hear people say guns kill. I have yet to see a gun kill by itself. PEOPLE KILL.. Guns are just a tool used in that process. When I moved from the country to a more populated area, Ohio, and could not hunt anymore I sold all my guns. No need to keep them around if I cannot hunt and I did not want them around for frea of someone breaking into my home and taking them. They went to good respectable people who hunt and respect guns. It is true though. If more honest people owned guns and were allowed to use them it's possible a lot of crime could be stopped. I know I would shoot to defend my life property, wife and family. It's my duty as head of my family. This whole issue is very touchy. It's hard to make the right choice in such matters. But to save a life in self defense over a crazed fool killer ? Yes I would and give it no second thought.
  6. I have three customers who use AOL and they will hear no ill will against AOL.. Yet I have had to re-load their computers a number of times and have seen the damage AOL software does to a good computer. It's a shame a company like AOL is allowed to keep running and doing what they are doing. If my memory serves me right, I believe there was this guy about two years ago that got 30 years for hosing down AOL with virus's and other bugs. It was in the news.. I think he was from Tennessee or Kentucky. Wired news I believe.
  7. Well the media does play a major roll in how the public is informed and they do like to focus on tragedy issues and violence is just one of those issues. But even in our little community here there are more and more young people, youth, getting involved with violent crimes. I hear it from teachers and parents that the violence in the schools here is getting bad and we can see this all over the nation where school violence is becoming an issue.
  8. Not a day goes by that you read or hear of some type of violence. Killings, rape, the list goes on. As to why, that question is asked over and over. I do not think anyone can really answer the question " What goes on in the mind of a killer? " We see so much of it in our society. It's easy to blame video games and peer influence. To say the killer was brainwashed or mentally ill. It's all so easy to come to such answers. The bottom line is we are seeing more and more violence in this country each and every day. There is no age limit. Even young kids are commiting acts of violence. No one is safe. Schools, churches, stores. It's just plumb crazy. Never mind the terrorist from other countries. We got our own people right here in America killing their own people. It's not right. Something is very wrong in our society.
  9. The wife and I had a boxer. Her name was Molly. When she was little she would chew everything. The tv remote was her favorite and we replaced 4 of them. Pig ears got her out of the habbit. I kept giving her pig ears and after a week she took to chewing only the pig ears. After nine years we lost her to cancer. Though good memories remain. She was a very protective and loyal dog. Boxers are great dogs.
  10. A customer brought his new Gateway MX8711 Laptop into our shop the other day. It came with Vista installed on it and he wanted us to remove Vista and put Windows\xp - Pro on it. No problem.. Yeah right.. My boss told me to do a standard swipe and reload.. I did and when I went to install windows\xp - pro I got this message no hard drive found. So I went into the bios to see if the hard drive was detected and yes it was, but it is a SATA hard drive. This is the first time we have seen a SATA hard drive in a laptop. Problems mounted as there is no floppy drive and we don't have a USB floppy drive. So I use Nlite to create a boot CD with the SATA drivers on it and got windows\xp to install. Now my problems are mounting. Gateway list no windows\xp drivers for this animal so I used PC-Wizard to identify the chipset and got the chipset drivers and the video drivers. The main problem is the sound. The device manager tells me the sound drivers are installed but no sound. Spent a good part of three hours trying to find the right sound drivers.. Anyone here run into this problem yet ?
  11. Priceless :thumbs-up: Great find...
  12. Very interesting HD cooler. I have been using just a cheap HD cooler from Newegg and it's done ok for me. I get them down between 23 - 29c..
  13. Just 1- gig in each of my rigs.. Wishing to add more though.
  14. Just did a search in Price Watch and they have Windows 2000 for sale.. Price is not that bad either.
  15. I have about 100 gigs of space on our office server that I use for my weekly backup. I just replace the week before at the end of every week. I also do a double back up so if the server crashes I still have a backup. This I do on an external hard drive.
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