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  1. about how much would it cost to create a 3 computer client-server network, this is for school, and hypothetically the business already has the 3 computers
  2. jminnich500

    egdar allen poe

    waht is the weirdest fact you can find about author edgar allen poe?
  3. jminnich500

    Final Fantasy Xi Case Mod

    I'm liking the beer dispensing machine,twin heinikin, doom 3 rig by paul, R2-D2, the TIE fighter, hypercube 2, def. the toilet pc, the guitar pc, and the battlefeild rig......ALL of them are very cool though
  4. jminnich500

    Omfg What An Idiot

    thanks for the quote andrew. you must really be a dumbass to think you were bidding on a playstation 3
  5. jminnich500

    Omfg What An Idiot

    I'm atschool right now so im not permitted to view page but heres what I'm guessing is going on. Party A made a listing for 3 playstations trying to mislead Party B to think that its a playstation 3 Party B then bids 900 for 3 playstations with the idea hes getting a playstation 3 I think that Party B should pay for the items because from what I hear nowhere in the auction does it say " im selling playstation 3" or anything of that nature so . scamming for the win.
  6. jminnich500

    Computer Died

    is it the Ram possibly?
  7. jminnich500

    Building My First Rig, Need Help.

    I do plan on Overclocking it to some extent.
  8. jminnich500

    Occ Awards 06!

    How about an award for funniest newcomer. <.<
  9. jminnich500

    Looking For A Moniter

    Hey guys, I'm going to be building my first rig over the course of the next 2 or 3 months and I dont know a whole lot. One of the most important parts of my gaming experiance is going to be the moniter and what not. I am going to have somewhat limited space so if possible for under 200 something that is less then like 6 inchs deep.
  10. jminnich500


    Thank you all for welcoming me oh so nicely.
  11. jminnich500

    Omg! Blue Screen With Bass!

    Funniest. thing i've read. today. or something like that
  12. jminnich500

    Building My First Rig, Need Help.

    i thought so.
  13. jminnich500

    Building My First Rig, Need Help.

    Hey guys im new too the computer building scene, I've helped my freind put some together but i want to make my own and I need your help on what to get. I want to spend 1000 or less on it and I'm going to be using it for gaming (Asherons' Call,BF2,and other misc. games...I have a question, would I be able to buy two hardrives and save all the game files onto one so that the other one can be used for schoolwork and whatnot?) So back to the original question, What should I look for to buy and approximate prices and total price. I've looked at newegg and frozencpu but I dont know what is compatible with what so you get the point. thanks in advance for replys as I might not be back on for awhile. <3 john (I know it says muilding, I dont know how to edit titles.)
  14. jminnich500

    Define Joke For Me...

    maybe your team got cocky thought they were the best and didnt need to try/practice as much. or they just played a team they havnt yet that blew them the hell away
  15. jminnich500

    Brother Hit By Ied

    man im sorry, but hey atleast he wasn't killed. He shall be in my prayers. is the deafness just temporary or permanent?