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  1. hmm.... It'd have to be blossom from the power puff girls
  2. I have several systems with both the KT400 Chipset and the nforce 1 and 2 Chipsets. Amazingly enough, I have had NO Chipset/performance problems at all with the nforce 1 motherboards (all MSI's) but have had to RMA several nforce 2 MSI motherboards (pre-delta). I have so far RMA'd 1 KT4V motherboard (MSI yet again) but this may be because I use nothing but MSI mobos. I have heard from several friends that their ASUS a7n8x boards (nforce chipset, along with dual channel DDR support) have totally kicked .. So in the end I'm all for the nforce chipset.. just get the ASUS boards and not the MSI's until they figure out how to build them properly =P
  3. ya... I've also heard that AS5 is really good. However, I have been using AS3 on several athlon machines at work and at home and have excellent results.
  4. hehe funny thing RVE. but yeah, that thing is pretty awesome. What I don't see is load/idle temperatures for his gpu, cpu or system =\
  5. Well, if it's still your bday, happy bday. otherwise, happy belated bday. What have you done so far for your bday? PARTY?!
  6. I understand, but isn't that a little off topic? =\ but yeah, that does totally suck that they would ban scientific research over a bunch of sheep-lovin complainers... >_< and of course, a bunch of other types of people, but whatever.
  7. yeah that does sound pretty cool. I dunno about me and mouse pads, but I have a free mouse pad I got at PC Club. I never look at it so I guess I don't care that much... but still, it is a great idea and it looks sick. plus, serial projects Lain rox0rs!
  8. hmm... standard cable @ home (no pun intended, get it! @home! lol! wait..no) and 1.5 mbit T1 @ work
  9. am I the only 16 yr old around here?
  10. if it still doesn't work, just download mIRC @ www.mirc.com and type /server irc.xtreme-solutions.com then type /join #overclockersclub.com
  11. aliencam, those dip switches may be for whatever country you are in. I remember seeing similar switches on a high-tech new digital camera, and you had to put in a different code for what country you were in for it to work =\ so that may not be a cure, but I'm not totally sure.....soo....where are the pics? if you need to upload them somewhere let me know and I'll put them on my website temporarily.
  12. I have faith in Nvidia.... GeForce FX all the way ;-)
  13. RVE nice one! yeah... if you do it TOO often it can be bad, or you have problems. but every guy must have done it at least once.. and there's no real harm in it, right? it really is the safest way... right?
  14. soyo mobos are horrible... My friend got a soyo p4 mobo (not sure exactly which one) and his ATI AIW radeon 8500dv didn't even work on it, and he really wanted it. he ended up getting a ti4400 but he still wanted his stupid radeon card to work =\
  15. holy crap....this IS slow! HEY xpandapuss, what german mirror did YOU get it from?
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