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    Asus A8nSLI Premium
    AMD64 X24200 @ 2.6
    Corsair Twinx2048 DDR400 PC3200C2
    PX7800GT's in SLI
    5 300GB Maxtor DiamondMax 10 SATA Drives
    X-Fi Elite
    Enermax Liberty 620w
    Lian Li V1000 Plus
  1. My experience with the AI Booster is that it just does not function as advertised. I have had the same problems you describe when even attempting very small oc's. My advice would be to do some more research and then OC through the bios following accepted methods to determine max speeds of your CPU and memory. I have not had any luck using software overclocking at all (though some people love it).
  2. Asus A8N SLI Premium Amd64 X24200 @ 2.5Ghz Corsair Twinx PC3200C2 Leadtek PX7800GT SLI 1.5TB SATA
  3. The acrylic they use is only 1/8 inch and it is not supportes very well. It could be done but I think it would not look as good.
  4. I have a Lian Li V1000 with both the standard solid aluminum side panel and the factory window panel. I have discvered that by adding a couple of 120mm intake fans to the side panel my temps drop substantially (CPU drops 6C, NB drops 8C and my GPU's drop 12C). I checked this by making a cardboard side panel with the fans taped to it. Now to my plan. The winow panel will not accomodate 2 fans unless I mount one of them in the acrylic, which I don't want to do so I have made this layout for the solid panel which will allow both fans plus some windw area. I would welcome comments or suggestions before I break out the power tools. http://new.photos.yahoo.com/expatbb/album/...8803471727803/5
  5. Well I am not on the bottom of the list anymore.
  6. Hmmmm, lets see. I have an extra Asus A8nSli Deluxe laying around, a couple of Gigs of Corsair Pc3200, an extra 500w PSU, a couple of extra cases, drives, etc. New FX-55 + video card = extra rig. Think I might do this.
  7. Wow...I have never taken mine above 1.475v on air.
  8. Yes, same user name. Yes I know I can run 2. At present rate about 2.77 days.
  9. OK, you got me. I just started 2136(Run2,Clone22,Gen6) 50,000,000 steps.
  10. I did a search and have not found an answer. I know nothing about [email protected] but may consider starting. 1. I keep reading about "core" crashes while running [email protected] What does this mean, and what are the risks to my rig? 2. It seems that most of you run 24/7.....is this required to provide the [email protected] people with results in the time frame allowed? 3. How dependent is this program on internet speed? 4. Lots of talk about "points". Is this just for bragging rights? Thanks for taking the time to answer questions that I am sure have been answered many times before.
  11. Prime 95 for 24 Hrs. 3DMark, NBench, SuperPi, and PCMark. Usually PCMark will Show whatever weakness I have...usually it is because my memory is to tight.
  12. I have not had much success with software oc'ing whether it be CPU or memory. I prefer the tried and true Bios method of finding caps for each and then tweaking until I have a stable max.
  13. I was a Military Aviator during VN. Lancer33 was my Callsign.
  14. Lancer33

    New Guy

    Just joined and thought I would say Hi. I have been playing with computers since about 1987. Things have come a long way. I have built all of my own systems for the last 10 years or so and probably know about enough to be dangerous. My current system: Asus A8nSLI Premium (modded to active chip cooling w/ Extreme Spirit II) AMD64 X2 4200 @ 2.6 cooled by Asus Silent Square Corsair Twinx2048 PC3200C2 2 PX 7800 GT Extreme's in SLI cooled by Zalman VF900-Cu Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite 5 Maxtor DiamondMax 10 SATA Drives Enermax Liberty 620w with custom cables Lian Li V1000 Plus
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