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  1. i'm liking vista 64...games run good on it, very few don't run on it....i'm running vista 64 ultimate with 8 GB of ram and a quad core. Some games are absolutely beautiful...the extra gadgets and stuff are interesting as well...my vote is ayes..depending on what you want to do.
  2. I'm sitting here thinking of another project to do when the the idea of a car pc hits me. I've seen some mini-itx systems that people have put together for cars and stuff. I'm thinking that this might be a project for me. Anyone here have any experience with them? Any links to read up on with some good info on installation, parts, etc?
  3. Possibly, if the bios is different on the GPU's.
  4. Awe....and i wanted some blistering cold winter weather...
  5. Curiosity here....i thought you wanted positive pressure in a case...because positive pressure requires more energy to increase heat? Where negative pressure (vacuum) would require less energy to heat something up? So, if this is the case...then why have more exhaust fans than intake fans?
  6. Did you patch the game at all? ALWAYS check to make sure you are getting the right patch. I ran into these problems before with a lot of download games. It seems that rather than make one patch that supports both versions of the game, some games still have a version for retail and then a version for the downloaded game. COD4 was this way as well until recently. Everyone updated to 1.3 i think it was. If you try to install the patch, wrong version, insert disc, etc....then they finally released a patch for the downloaded version.
  7. wow....i think i'm going to try this out as well.... What other RPG type games are you into? The only other one that I'm playing right now is Titanquest (Immortal throne).
  8. Make it a flat $115 and ship it to me here in IL via USPS, then I'm game. Message me with your answer Sdy
  9. Distilled water and waterwetter....only added a couple ounces to the system (which is about a gallon).
  10. Reading the warnings/sideffects and FDA Approved medications FTW!
  11. Some sata drivers may need to be pre-loaded before windows can install on the harddrive. Do you see your Harddrive in the bios with sata on/off? Whichever one discovers it, then leave it that way. When you go to load windows XP, it asks you to press F6 i think (may be another key) to load other drivers. You need to make sure you get the sata drivers ahead of time, have them on a floppy so you can load them at this time. After it loads them, you should see your harddrive during installation.
  12. get ahold of me sometime lee...maybe we'll jump on and play...
  13. Just played several hours tonight with a friend in Canada...it does work, but you have to make sure you have the latest version, and that you use the semi-clear instructions I put up there. Putting Hamachi as top priority in that list, will work...just make sure to restart your comp after you make the advanced changes, else it will act like it isn't working...
  14. yeah...we've used it...i know that some versions would not work, so at the last resort, try finding an old version to try. Go to control panel==>network connections In here under advanced==>advanced settings This brings up another window with all of your network connections. You should see Hamachi and Local Network connections in the list. Left click on hamachi once....then on the right are green arrows. Use the up arrow to move hamachi up to the top of the list. Click okay and close all the windows. Reboot and it should work for you.
  15. Still up and running strong....had the main harddrive (which dated back to the mid to late 90's) die out on me, so I just popped in a new IDE drive for the OS and got it up and running again in 20 minutes... ***sorry the pictures are gone guys....the person I had hosting them lost them when his web server was shut off accidently...i'll see about putting them up again at some point***
  16. I second the nLite option. It won't cost you a thing, and you can actually tweak a lot of stuff that is within windows. You can also add service packs, updates, and drivers to the windows install, reducing the amount of restarting, etc that goes with updating the computer after a fresh installation. It is fairly easy to use. Here is a link to nLite.
  17. Would this mean that she eats fish? Very funny....we have canine teeth for a reason...and it isn't to tear the hell out of a bag of brussel sprouts (maybe to open them if nothing sharp is available).
  18. I know in XP there is a computer management feature that you can bring up from administrative tools. From this, you go to disk management where you can setup drives that you have in RAID. I think that you do not have the drives formatted within windows, and thus it is not identifying them. What I would do in this instance is in "disk management," scan for the drives, then mount them if possible. This may ask you to assign a drive letter, partition them, format them, etc, which would then allow you to either reload windows onto it later, or use it as you secondary drive (which is contrary to what I think you want to do). As I do not have Vista installed at the moment, I cannot tell you exactly what to look for or walk you through the steps in Vista. Hopefully this will point you in the right direction.
  19. Has anyone with lightscribe had any problems with photosensitivity of their lightscribe discs? I have had some in the cases, but left out on top of a desk for a while. I went to burn one the other night and the scribing was very light, almost like it couldn't burn completely on the disc. Previous burns in the past turned out great with lightscribe, but these however sucked! Could it be that having them out in normal lighting exposed the lightscribe surface and is ruining them?
  20. I found out a few more useful things while reading the SLI forums on the nvidia website. If you have two cards in SLI and want to overclock them, you must overclock them to the same specs, else one card will slow down to compensate for the other card, which in turn causes a lot more issues with compatibility and performance. That wasn't mentioned in the article as well. I'd really like to get with someone that oc's their ATI card and maybe do a guide for both kinds of cards. Anyone interested?
  21. I hope DFI has improved their RMA support, because last time I wanted to RMA a board, it was a pain in the .. Just FYI.
  22. This is the way society is becoming ladies and gentlemen. As cruel and inhumane as it seems, we need to do something to stop our children from believing and acting like this adult. Hopefully everyone that has read this article has learned something from it, and is teaching to others.
  23. RMA the board..had the same problem with an EVGA board, where the video would work, then wouldn't....then the power issues, followed by finally failing completely.
  24. I have yet to see this movie. I was told that it had some funny parts to it, but was nothing truly about the Darwin awards. Who knows though, maybe I'll get bored and watch it still. I would hope that if they did make a movie about the true awards, that it would be more like a "faces of death" type movie, that showed as much real footage of the incident as possible. Else, it is too unbelievable for some of these things.
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