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  1. I use hamachi and a remote program called RADMIN to manage my server and HTPC's.
  2. The only other thing I can think of that may be a problem is the router settings. Other information I've read suggests that this to be the case. Double check your router settings and possibly see if there is a firmware update that you can run through it. You may also need to reset your router settings to the factory settings and start over. Make sure your cables are good as well.
  3. I'm with misfit. I have 2 sets of those G. Skill (2gbx4) and haven't had a problem with them yet. Slightly overclocked and working wonderfully.
  4. I had that problem on my XP64 gaming rig...found out it was the QOS that was causing the problem. Network connections: Select the network connection you have your internet hooked to Right click===> properties Click on the QOS thingy and uninstall it. May need to restart afterwards. I also believe there is a service for QOS i had to disable in services. After that though, my Lan was working well. Oh, I also released and renewed the IP addy after I did that.
  5. +1 to Puck Definately put your games and OS on the same drive, the raptors, and use the 250 for your storage. There's a few other tweaks you can do to take some of the load off your main drives as well, such as setting the virtual memory up on the storage instead of the main drive. Also, putting your print spool on the storage instead of the main. Finally, make sure your system is defragged before playing any games! I can notice a difference in load times from this alone on my gaming system. One other note: you do have a nice system, but remember, the games are updated to make use of newer and newer hardware out there. Just because there are "high" settings for the game, doesn't necessarily mean that each and every system that meets or slightly exceeds the system requirements will be able to run the "high" settings. Try tweaking your comp some more to pull every ounce of performance out of the system. And try not to expect too much out of a system when it comes to newer games.
  6. Is it just COD4 that you're having the problem with? I've noticed with the latest non-beta drivers for vista-64, that the performance really sucked compared to the XP or XP 64 drivers. I've also noticed that I had a lot of freezing and BSOD's while running COD4 in vista 64. So far, I have yet to have a crash in XP 64 while running COD4. I think the point I'm getting to, which probably isn't much of any help, is that Vista running games isn't up to par yet as XP or XP 64. That said, I think that the updates for COD4 that have come out, along with the graphics drivers have added to a degrade in performance with the game. To test this theory, I'd first try to install the game and play it without any updates, using the latest drivers. I know you may not be able to play online with an old version, but this is just a test for SP. After checking that, try updating the game and using it with the latest drivers. That way, you can determine if it is the drivers or the game that is causing the problem. There should be a noticeable difference in performance running SLI with a good amount of games. I run Vsync on my setup for a smoother look, and the game stays at 60fps at the same resolution as you're running. My Global settings in the Nvidia Control panel are as follows: Anisotropic filtering = application controlled AA - gamma correction = on AA - mode = application controlled AA - transparency = supersampling Conformant texture clamp = use hardware Error reporting = off Extension limit = off Force mipmaps = none Multi-display/mixed-gpu acceleration = single display performance mode SLI performance mode = Force alternate frame rendering 1 Stereo - Display mode = use vertical interlace monitor Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization = off Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias = Clamp Texture filter - quality = Quality Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization = Off Threaded optimization = Auto Triple buffering = On Vertical sync = Force On We had another thread discussing some tweaks here on the forums.
  7. I think they released a beta version that will work. I used it on my vista I believe, but before I was getting the same thing you were with the driver errors. What version are you using? The coretemp website says it now supports both x68 and x64 for vista. Link
  8. Vista Installation Requirements I'm wanting to say that my installation of Vista Ultimate 64 was ~12-13GB total...I just removed it to put xp 64 back on so I can't tell you right off hand. That size was with EVERYTHING that could possibly be installed with that package (ie all the ultimate extras).
  9. I've used the KOSS PRO4AAT headphones for years. Great, closed ear headphones with a lifetime warranty (had a cat chew through a cable before, replaced for just cost of shipping with a brand new pair). I used the Zalman clip-on mic as was mentioned. Great combo and the headphones ran about $60 brand new on ebay. Koss PRO4AAT
  10. I'm not going to be anywhere near this thread anymore. I have this sudden fear that shrapnel from Kash and p8baller07 is going to be flying in all directions when celtica explodes...lol
  11. You mean...it didn't happen how Charlton Heston portrayed it?!?
  12. What are you planning on doing with this? What is the purpose behind it? That might help if you give some more information...
  13. Vegas 2....Vegas wasn't that bad, so hopefully the second one will be better.
  14. yes..the old games I own, I've played on my PS2, but would like to take them mobile. As far as the new games, I'm talking about legally purchased games such as "God of War," which I purchased with the psp. One of my concerns is that I'll put the custom firmware on and not be able to play anything new that comes out. BTW...i'm running v3.80 according to system information on the psp (I have yet to get online with it to update to 3.90).
  15. I just applause them for not releasing the game too early with a ton of bugs and problems. **cough-UBI-cough**
  16. I've googled and searched the internet for good tutorials on how to hack a PSP slim to play new games and old PS1 games (such as SOTN and FF7). However, the information (or over-information) of material on sites I have found make it seem a lot more difficult than it really should be to put custom firmware on a PSP. So, I thought I'd ask here if anyone has done this with a PSP slim and if so, how did they do it exactly?
  17. jack_of_java

    Cod4 Help

    Are you looking for multiplayer or singleplayer tweaks? For MP...I use the optimal system settings button in options, then just change the resolution from there. For further online tweaking, I use the following tweaks: COD4 Tweaks - Using the ingame Console The following are console commands that may help improve network and gaming performance. If you do not know what the
  18. and to top it off...there are dillusional women running for president who proclaim, "it took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, and another to clean up after the second..." I can't really talk too much about politics...I get too worked up...and usually misunderstood..
  19. I'm looking more for a USB plugin transmitter/receiver for a pc...with navigation software that's decent. Doesn't matter to me if they are separate or together... Thanks though...
  20. I'm looking for a good, reasonably priced GPS system with software? I'll be using this with my notebook for now in my car on trips. Any recommendations?
  21. I'd look around a bit more and see about a different motherboard as ding-aling said earlier. I currently have an EVGA 680i with a Q6600 and I'm not impressed with the overclocking. I think it craps out to early in the game. If you're not planning on overclocking at all, by all means....great motherboard. But if you are, I'd search for another.
  22. I typically don't like flame paint jobs (just look cheesy to me), but this one is awesome! I'd get it on my case in a heartbeat, minus a minor change. The wraparound of the side flames and front flames don't match up. That'd bug the crap out of me....very nice otherwise...
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