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  1. So here is the other question that I think a lot of people are forgetting about. Not only ask yourself if you really need CF, but does the rest of your gaming rig require a crossfire setup? Take myself for instance. When the 4850's came out, I immediately went crossfire because I'm pushing AA to max on my 30" Dell HD monitor. But, if you're running games at or below 1680x1050 (which i think is the cut off...correct me if I'm wrong), then why pay more for a very minimal FPS increase? As someone said before, unless games really take the potential of a crossfire setup, it isn't worth it. The games I happen to play are 50/50 with using crossfire. That being said, I've contemplated if I still need CF with my 30" monitors. I haven't been gaming much lately due to school, and haven't really looked at the newer games to see if there really is improvements that I'll see with crossfire. I'd definitely do more research on it before I went and spent more money for the cards if you don't have to. I'd start by reading up on more articles written here by the staff - they are very knowledgeable about the products and typically have a broad array of test banks to stress the hardware on. NEVER go by the reviews from Newegg or any other place you may buy the card from.
  2. That was the problem I was getting InCrysis. It is a problem with newer drivers and an older version of CCC....just update your CCC when you update your drivers.
  3. I had kind of the same problem when I upgraded from 8.8 to 8.9. All I had to do was to upgrade my CCC to the one on the ATI update page and it worked after a reboot.
  4. jack_of_java

    Usb Dos

    Hopefully this site may help you out a bit.
  5. Here is are some examples on how to set this up. This is for windows XP. Go to network connections. Click on Advanced ==> Advanced Settings Click on Hamachi and then use the green arrows on the right to move it up to the top priority. You may have several different connections options here. Don't worry about them. I typically have my hamachi on top followed by my internet/local area connection just below it. After moving it up and arranging the connection order, click ok and restart your computer. IF you are using Vista, you may need to follow these additional steps to get hamachi to work with your games. Follow same procedure as above first off. Then right click on your Hamachi network icon ===> properties Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 ===> the properties button Under the General Tab, click the advanced button Under advanced, make sure the box that says "automatic metric" is unchecked and then change the "interface metric" value from whatever it is to simply "1". Click okay and close the boxes. Restart your computer.
  6. Here's my workstation: Gaming comp, secondary comp, and home server...
  7. Just a thought here: Why not make one of the requirements for future contests that in order to be eligible? say 20 posts or something?
  8. I've had tons of problems with vista in this regards when it comes to dual booting my gaming rig. Simple solution: use one drive for each OS. Messing with the boot files after installing vista can be a complete pain in the .. So what I have done is first installed XP Pro on the drive I designated for XP. Afterwards, I installed vista 64 on it's drive. Instead of having to screw with the boot.ini file that is within vista, it simply brings up the boot menu and tells me to choose between vista or an older version of windows. Simple enough for me, because vista doesn't have the simple "click to edit boot.ini" button (with this version of vista 64) that XP has. I'd consider getting a 3rd drive and using that for your documents and backup as well. Now, the key to this is to NOT change the harddrive boot order within BIOS. Simply using the select boot device (usually esc or F12), has been the best way for me to boot off the DVD drive. What I think happens is that after XP is installed and creates it's boot.ini file, vista comes along and modifies it. If you change the boot order within bios, it will only boot to vista and never XP (completely ignored the boot.ini file created on the other drive). Another note: I've also learned that with the Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 board I'm using, that I have to make sure that "use VMware" for Vanderbuilt technologies is enabled in bios, else it won't dual boot. Hope this helps.
  9. I'd stick with the E8400 or go up...and get a good cooler to go with it. Doing some video editing from time to time wouldn't make me go get a quad just yet. If it were all the time or even professional, then possibly as Rok said.
  10. Have you installed any new components? Sometimes new hardware drivers may be corrupt or not even the right ones for your system. Just a possibility.
  11. Hmm...sounds like if you like crimson skies, then you'll love the blazing angels series. There isn't too much sim in those games and mostly combat. Other good flight sim games that I own and love to play still are: Falcon 4.0 + AF addon Descent Freespace 1 & 2 Lockon: Modern Combat IL 2: 1946 (includes all the other IL 2 sims) Wings over Vietnam Janes USAF combat Games from the past I can't get to play are: ATF Gold EF 1000 i think? Something along those lines Aces over Europe Aces over the Pacific Top Gun: Fire at will X-wing Tie Fighter Jane's WWII Fighters and a few other Jane's games I can't remember
  12. Okay, I'm running the non-platinum version, but I will try to help you out here. I use vent as well and I had problems with voiceclicks if I didn't mute and set a few things in XP. First go to control panel and select sound and audio devices. Next, go to the voice tab and make sure your default voice playback and voice recording is set to the SB X-Fi Audio. Click the volume button under voice recording, which will pop up the recording control. Click on Options in the menu and make sure advanced controls is checked. Underneath the microphone or microphone 2 setting, there should be the advanced button. Click that, and make sure that the box is checked for microphone boost under other controls. Close this box. Next, go to the options menu again and click properties which will open the properties box. Make sure the mixer device at the top is set to SB X-Fi Audio. Make sure the recording circular thingy is checked. Under the volume controls in this same box, I have everything checked, so it all shows up in the recording control box. After checking them all, click okay. Back to recording control, make sure all the slider bars are moved to the top (highest volume) and that your microphone 2 has the box under it checked. Close recording control as well as the sound and audio device properties. Now open up your console launcher (start, all program, creative, launch Creative console). That should bring up your audio console. Mine is currently set to game mode since that's all I do on this computer. Okay, first thing to do is go to the X-Fi CMSS-3d tab. Set that as you want. I have mine set to enabled and both macroFX and ElevationFilter set to auto. Click on the X-Fi Crystalizer. Make sure the box is unchecked. Same for EQ, make sure it is unchecked. Under Mixer - make sure all the devices are set to the top of the slider bars. You should have two drop down menus that will contain a few others (mic 2, line 2, etc). Go through and select each one and set the sliders bars to the top. I have microphone, CD Player, Aux, and Line in muted as well as maxed out. You should have a second line in and mic 2 in. Mute those two as well. Make sure one of the of the two drop downs is mic 2 (it should also have a + symbol above it showing that it has an increase boost of 20db)! Now, under REC you will have a multitude of options in the drop down menu. Go through each one of those and move their slider bars to the top. When done, make sure you have Mic 2 selected under REC (VERY IMPORTANT - this is the selected mic to use). Now the bottom. On the speakers tab, change the output device to headphones, and click the THX symbol next to it. Under digital Output Sampling Frequency, change it from 48 to 96. Make sure speaker selection at the top says "headphones." Under that is a flexijack mode. I'm not sure if Mic-in2/line in 2 is there, but if it is, then check it. Close this box. With the bass tab, I leave it unchecked, but change it if you feel that you're not getting enough bass. At the very bottom is the settings tab. Click to open. Again is the flexijack option. Change to Mic2/line 2 if you can. Click the headphones tab. Make sure both boxes are checked, so when you plug in the headphones, the speakers should mute. Close this box. Attached to my reply is a picture of my ventrilo settings. The only difference I can foresee with your setup is that "LINE" under hardware input mixer should say Microphone 2 or something like that. If it isn't, then change it. I leave my line volume at max and change the outbound setting as needed. With your front port, you have the option to adjust your volume there. Hope these pics help and sorry for the length.
  13. lol...good response Hardnrg...i've had a few pairs of headphones that did that, but I've always noticed it was from me either turning them up too loud to soundwhore people, or the game settings were messed up. The sheet metal/baseball bat sound....classic...lol
  14. Here's a couple things though that I've considered: Some of the older games I have - C&C Generals, etc don't do well with crossfire, so I've considered the doing a 2 card crossfire instead of a single. This way I disable crossfire and still play the games. Legitimate worry or what? Also, I'm willing to wait a little bit for the prices to drop, or newer versions of the card to come out (ie the 1GB version of the 4870's)
  15. I'm stuck at what to do for my gaming rig. I'm running an E8400 with 4GB of DDR2 800 ram, vista 64, on a Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 board: all on a dell 3007WFP monitor that will do 2560x1600 Should I go with: 2x 4850's 2x 4870's 4870x2 a single 4870? I normally play FPS games at 1680x1050, but sometime on RTS games, I love to max it out (2560x1600). I'm at a loss right now with the 4870x2's coming out here shortly.
  16. Where did you buy it from AJ? I'm interested in this card as well, but I want to get a matching card to put in Crossfire.
  17. I haven't noticed any of that reported lag on either my 24" or 30" dell monitors. I'd go for it.
  18. jack_of_java

    New Build

    What are you planning on using this machine for? Gaming, I presume, by some of the parts you have indicated. Couple of things I've noticed: E8500 will be able to run faster than the Quad. Personally, I'd only get the quad if you are using programs that will make complete use of it. Maybe even consider the E8400 and save a few bucks. I have an X38 board by Gigabyte. I'm a personal fan of it, but I'd recommend one of those or maybe even an X48 depending on the cost. As far as graphics cards, wait a week or so. I'm hoping for the price of the 4870's to drop when the x2's come out. You may want to bump up your PSU a little to at least 600w for your system. This will slightly future-proof you imo. Also, I'd consider getting a second harddrive for the comp. One to run windows and programs from, and the other to store everything else on (my documents, pictures, game patches, etc...)
  19. I've thought about getting the 4870x2, but I think that I'm going to wait til the 4870's drop in price. Hopefully this will happen when the x2's release. My reasoning may be nuts, but here it is: the hardware bridge on the x2's cannot be disabled. I have some older games that hate crossfire and refuse to run with it on. So, I am planning on getting 2 of the 4870's and running them in crossfire, so I can disable them whenever I need to for my older games. If I am wrong, please let me know. (I don't mean to thread-jack if something is thinking such..)
  20. I just sold my Dell 2407wfp on ebay for cheap, but that was only because I've upgraded to the 30" 3007WFP monitor. For me, the 24" was an awesome monitor for gaming and doing other things (had multiple input connections). I highly recommend it if you find one.
  21. No, not all hard drives have the same settings as was stated above. If there is no diagram on the top of the drive, sometimes you will luck out and find letters above where the pins are. These letters would be M, S, CSL, or something along those lines. Since these are not your boot hard drives, then you can put both on cable select (CSL) and just attach your IDE cable. If there is no lettering what-so-ever, you can try to google the information about the hard drives. Hopefully the manufacturer's website will have some type of diagram to assist you with it. If you are having problems finding how to set the boot order within bios, tell us what motherboard you are running. Chances are that someone here has or has had one of those motherboards and can guide you to the simplest way of setting the system up the way you'd like. Hopefully that helps.
  22. Why are you looking at ECS boards? I think that if you are new and wanting to get a good system up and running, then I'd read around on ECS board reviews and such. I would also consider it important to check into other "mainstream" boards that people here use. Second: Do you really need SLI or crossfire? There have been several posts and discussions on this website about SLI/Crossfire advantages and dis-advantages. You also need to plan and evaluate what you are building the system for. If it is games, then evaluate if you really need a dual video card solution (if you are running a high enough resolution, etc). And as always, if you are planning on building a system, lay out the specs in the forums and ask fellow members how they feel about components of your system. Personal reviews from people here I take more seriously than reviews that I have read on newegg.com or other websites, as they seem to always be very helpful in providing information and experience with components. Hope this helps with your decision on a build.
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