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  1. Wasn't the internet developed to be free? I understand that they can charge providing you service, but wouldn't this be overstepping the original intent of the internet? Cheap way of communicating. I agree with previous posters: if you want to throttle, fine. Some people go stupid with downloads - there should be a minimum throttle. But you shouldn't be able to charge for both a cap on the amount of data (free as far as I'm concerned) and the speed in which you transfer data. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm trying to remember what I've read somewhere.
  2. If you don't mind spending a few extra bucks at Staples...here is a chair I bought about 6 months ago. I LOVE THIS CHAIR! It's more like a recliner than a chair.
  3. Very slick looking Wev...now....for project wookie: Parts list: 3mx3m piece of 1960's shag carpet.... again...nice job...
  4. Codegen PSU's are not bad. I have a couple of them running in two different computers on my home network. They've held up for 3+ years so far. If I recall correctly, they came with the 4u cases I have.
  5. Glass cleaner with ammonia for the eyes and then use my sock with this huge kensington trackball....could do a bit of pummeling with that.
  6. Have you considered possibly doing some etched side panel to the computer? I think it'd really emphasize the case that you're building. Otherwise, it looks superb from my POV. Here is one place i found that may help if you're interested. Oh, and I would paint the side. http://www.crazypc.com/products/PQ2-8224.html Maybe put something like this:
  7. I'm stuck as far as what I want/should do here. Currently, my out of date NAS has a ton of 500gb drives that are used for storage and playing multimedia across my home network. I have been wanting to go to the 2tb hardrives in order to cut down on power usage, amount of harddrives and noise, and possibly even remove the NAS off of my network. Removing the NAS would require that I put the harddrive(s) in a secondary computer, which I already have running 24/7 anyways. So here's where I'm stuck. Should I get 2 of the 2tb drives and put them in RAID so i always have a backup? Or should I just install one drive while backing it up on the other using eSata or an external drive cradle?
  8. I just installed one of these on a gaming computer for a friend of mine. I'd recommend picture 2, as there is a little space between the bracket and the underside of the motherboard. Also, I think this is best to do it that way to put another barrier between the metal bracket and contact with the motherboard.
  9. I recently just put together a gaming comp for a friend that had the X58 chipset in it. It's sad that you cannot find an AM3 socket board with a chipset on it that will support both CF and SLI just like the X58 does for Intel CPU's. Maybe I'm wrong though, but so far I haven't found one.
  10. 1) would like to stay in the $100-200 price range 2)would like to stay closer to the $100 price range
  11. I need recommendations for a couple motherboards. 1) This computer will be built for a friend, and will use an Intel i7 930. I have some PC3-12800 ram that I won from a contest here, and wish to use it in this build. The computer will primarily be used for gaming and must be able to SLI. There will be little to no OC'ing going on with this chip (may bump the cores up to 3.0 GHz). 2) A secondary computer for myself. Needs to be a socket 775 and use DDR2 800. The processor I'm using is a Intel C2D E6300. Primary use of this computer is browsing, email, and mass storage for files. Would like to have eSata support, but does not need SLI or Crossfire. Thank you ahead of time. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  12. i don't have sound on the computer i just watched that youtube video of, but I'm sure it goes something like this: "People of Mars...I want to tell you that the Americans are feeding and treating me well. They have demanded...." I mean seriously....has to read lines almost word for word and it's clearly visible that she doesn't know what she's reading ahead of time? I think that the whole costume thing and act is Hollywood's dress-up of an average person to make them seem extraordinary. She has an average body and an average face. Nothing special here.
  13. I don't have this specific card per se, but i do own a 4850 and can tell you that the temps are way too hot! They should be running in the mid to lower 50C on idle and 70C max @60% fan speed. You should notice quite an audible difference going from 30% to 60% fan speed. I would say that if you don't notice a difference, then you fan may be bad. Another idea, depending no how old the card is, is that the thermal paste is bad on the GPU. I recently had to take apart both my 4850's to clean and reapply fresh thermal paste. The stuff I removed was factory, dry, and cracked (not doing a bit of good imo). I would test those two things first if it we me.
  14. Update: Started multiplayer this morning. It's awesome! My machine lags a little behind. I'm still impressed with the graphics. Some people have made some incredible shots and I've already seen people busted for "Multihack," which is funny to see.
  15. SO... I got bored Friday night and bought the game off direct2drive. After installing, updating, and playing today, I've put about 4 hours into the game's single player campaign. So far, I must say that I really enjoy the way the game was laid out. The world destruction is quite impressive. I believe they should change a few things to aid with people that go stupid with it (i.e. limiting ammo on tanks and such so they can't just sit there and spam destroy entire towns). However, the thing I would say I enjoyed the most was the dialogue. I laughed my A$$ off during most the campaign so far. The comments made by Haggard and a few others would catch me off guard and still make me laugh. Just remembering friends and relatives in the military with those personalities and such are what really make it enjoyable. I hope to start the multiplayer this weekend, and hope it is as good as the single player has been so far. Thanks for the info so far guys. I give this game a thumbs up!
  16. I've been contemplating getting this game for some time. My only worry is the hacking. Is it as bad as they say it is?
  17. This my good man Silverfox is what I meant by that statement. Most of my friends are console gamers as well, and have told me many times that they would beat me at games such as MW, MW2, or any of the Tom Clancy games. This is the shutting down I was referring to.
  18. Console controllers have had the ability to change around their keybindings for quite some time. I think it is just the difference in precision of a M+KB vs joystick. Even in flight sims that I've played in the past, a M+KB was far more accurate than a joystick, but didn't have the engulfing feeling that you would get by flying with a joystick. However, I do like the article. I also wish that there would be a cross-platform system so that we, computer FPS gamers, could finally shut down the console FPS gamers.
  19. jack_of_java

    Titan Quest

    When i get home tonight, I'll look into it. I saw your X-fire name...just have to remember mine. Haven't used it in quite some time.
  20. jack_of_java

    Titan Quest

    I have had this game for quite some time and have beat it several times. I'd like to get in and play with you guys if possible, but I'll probably have to start fresh. I've had this game before it came to steam, so is it possible to still play with you guys without steam? If anything, I'll have to get another steam account and buy it. I also have a ventrilo that I could host for people of OCC that want to hop on and chat while playing.
  21. easily....since he said he could stretch his budget a bit...not my decision overall...completely up to him....and i meant a 5770..not a 5870...sorry for the mistype...
  22. I'm an avid WoW player and can tell you that you can run any 25man raid with an E8400 non-oc'd on air with no problems. My system also contains 4g DDR2, 4850 1gb x2 in crossfire as well. I play everything on max settings, with the difference that I have a 30" dell monitor that I'm using. I'd take the advice and think about the 5870 to kind of future proof the system you have. If you are only running 2gb of ram, maybe even consider more IF you are using a 64bit system like Vista 64, etc.
  23. Here's another to add to the hall of shame. I still laugh every time I see it. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/courierpr...p;pid=138630772
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