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  1. +1 to dropping the gear. In my army training as a combat medic, I had all the gear that a foot soldier would have plus a 20+ lbs A-kit with medical supplies, IV's, etc in it. No way you would haul all that stuff around in a combat situation. Slow moving to cover = Dead. I've watched a few of these clips, and I must say I think they are doing a pretty decent job of portraying fact vs fiction.
  2. +1 with the previous posters about the TIM. Other things to consider are the case dimensions, airflow within the case, and cost/performance ratio. Also, as others have said, you need to consider the need for an aftermarket cooling solution. If the temps are running 45C (on idle I presume), what are the temps looking like when he's gaming? Research the temperature range for the CPU he's using and see if it is within the recommended range. If you've considered all the above, check out this site. It has helped me find a pretty decent, low profile, aftermarket cooler.
  3. I guess part of my response to this topic initially came from what I was thinking after watching a national geographic piece named "The Science of Evil." I may suggest that you take 45 minutes of so and watch it on Netflix if you have it. There's a part in there where a psychologist from California had volunteers to run a mock prison as well as be mock prisoners. It was quite astonishing how these people changed. I do want to apologize Deathmineral. I completely mis-interpreted what your post was trying to convey. And thank you for clarifying.
  4. Is that a personal attack towards me for stating a plausible, comical look at internet communication? Now let's look at the facts of the paranoid comment I wrote above. The man who choked the kid took the time to find out where the kid lived and confront him. It is plausible that it could happen. Let's look at other plausible events such as seen in this video here. You may never know exactly whom the person is you are talking to. Just a thought on self control and moral standings. *guesses that since you are in the neighboring state...that you're too naive or simple minded to consider plausible points when mixed with a bit of comedy*
  5. Enter the rage: People talk smack through games, forums, and social networks because they feel there are NO repercussions for their actions. In real life, however, there ARE repercussions for talking/trolling people like this. My experiences while growing up: you talk smack, you either back it up or you get your butt beat. This is a prime example how serious of an issue this can become. This . talking, emo, .tard deserved to get his butt beat. Maybe next time he'd watch what he said and to whom. Enter the conservative: The guy should have talked to the parents. He went too far. Depending on the family lifestyle, it could have gone many ways. The parents could have told the guy to piss off, or they would have called little Johny in front of them and made him explain his actions. The guy could have just informed the parents how lucky they and Johny were. There are a lot of sick people out there, like this guy, that can't distinguish the line between right and wrong. Their lack of self control boosts them over that line. Enter the paranoid: You never know who that is you are talking to on the other end. It could be your neighbor, your friend, your boss, or some hired hitman for the mob. Are you watching what you say and to whom? Are they watching you right now? Plotting?
  6. I know there have been no responses to your post yet, so I'll throw out some ideas here for your situation. 1) Is it worth the extra cost to run underground cable to your guest house? If you're only going to have guests on occasion, then consider the headache and/or need to pay the extra to run the cable from your house to the guest house. 2) Your house should be the main source of the internet. I would not wire backwards from your guest house to your main house. I believe the speeds would be atrocious in the long run and you won't be happy. Plus, you would run into the reverse of the situation with running internet to your guest house. 3) Choose a closet that is central in your new house. Set up your modem and router/network switch in this closet. Make it the hub for the networkt in your house. You may need to use WiFi extenders in a few places to get signal. 4) From the hub, choose places to hard-wire to in each room of the house. Doing this now while putting up your walls and finishing putting in your outlets will save time and money later. Hardwire connections will ALWAYS be faster than wifi connections. The hardwire outlets can be combination outlets, such as ones that have the Cat 6 outlet along with your coax outlet like this. This will allow you to hook up your internet to the TV (netflix and such) and/or computer in each room. You may need a short Cat6 cable in each room, but that should be it. 5) A lot of the wiring for doing this may take some time, and you may need to get some help from professionals when doing this type of job. There should be plenty of articles on the internet that may give you more ideas on what to do and how to do it. I'll list a few below. You should be able to do a majority of it on your own though, which will save you money as well. Information: Structured Wiring Planning FAQ And more from Microsoft I hope this helps, and at the very least, gives you some more information to ponder and plan. Tools: Home Network Advisor
  7. I own two of the 4850's that you're talking about and I have to say that with both card, the cooling on the cards is horrible. I've taken the coolers off both several times to reapply the TIM (artic silver 5 usually) which has helped a little bit. If you're hearing a weird noise coming from the card, then I suspect that the fan is going out or is already shot, which would result in high temps like you're showing. You can take the card apart fairly simply. There are smaller screws around the outside that attach the shroud to the heatsink plate. I'd remove those and take Q-tips to clean out the grooves and gaps. Clean the fan fins really well. I also use 70% ethyl alcohol to clean the metal and remove the TIM off of the GPU surface. This stuff leaves little, if any residue on the card, evaporates fast, and will works really well at removing the TIM. Just be careful when cleaning the TIM to try and not get any of that crap on any metal contacts or other parts that it shouldn't be on. You'll be surprised how much dust can collect in there. And finally, there are 4 screws and a box shaped brace on the underside of the card that holds/presses the heatsink onto the GPU. You'll need a pretty fine phillips head screw driver to remove these, but it should come off fairly easy. DO NOT TWIST TO REMOVE. The way the heatsink sits on the card, you can take a change at messing up some of the other components of the board. Just apply a gentle, increasing pressure to try and split the card off the heatsink. Be mindful that there are TIM pads over the ramsinks as well. Losing those can be a bear to replace, but they may also need to be replaced. Another thing to consider if all this does not help is an aftermarket cooling solution for the card. Hope this helps. PS> If you want some reference pictures, I can probably take some to help you out.
  8. I've had several versions of the Nostromo to date. Every singe gamepad put out from the original N50 by belkin to the N52TE by Razer. I love using them both for MMO's and FPS games. I've also found it quite useful when playing RTS games with it. The setup for keys and key bindings is fairly easy, and I've had no problems with drivers/software to date. As far as comfort, it conforms to the natural shape of your hand and has allowed me to use it for hours at a time. I have bigger hands as well, so I know it works well for me. As far as wear and tear goes, I still have my original N50 and it still works like a champ. Hope all this helps.
  9. I have to agree with Whatislove on his very descriptive post about F2P gaming. I think that with the promises of "making the game great before release - less bugs" aspect that EA/Bioware is taking with this game, will require them to keep on top of the game in a similar way that Blizzard has done with WoW. I believe their handle on the bugs, and other workings of the game will determine if/how the game succeeds and it's longevity. I don't mind the monthly fees associated when I think about it. Netflix costs just as much a month as this game subscription. Direct TV/Cable costs more (base package where I live is $60 and that's for local channels), which is useless since I don't watch TV. Besides playing the game, I've used MMO's in the past as a social outlet to talk to friends/family all over the world. All and all, considering it IS Star Wars, I have ordered the CE edition and can't wait to hop on and play a trooper.
  10. Another thing to check is some of the settings in the BIOS. You can turn some things off you're not using (i.e. onboard sound if you're using an USB headset or serial/com port if you're not using those), and that should decrease the amount of time it takes for the computer to load through bios. As far as the actual windows loading, there is this website called Black Viper's that I've used for years, and found very helpful to shut off unneeded windows services. Be careful with shutting off services though, as some may be what you want/need, while others are linked to ones that you want/need. Just back up your system and have fun tweeking!
  11. I have two power supplies from Corsair that I'm really quite fond of. These two have actually been a blessing since Antec had gone down hill. The first is my modular Corsair 1k watt PSU. I bought this initially when I had all my harddrives in a gaming computer that was also being used for a home server. This beast has never given me a single ounce of trouble, and has stayed quiet while running strong during the 3+ years that I've owned it. The other Corsair PSU, which was picked up from a sale on Newegg, was a 600 watt professional series non-modular PSU. Surprisingly, this little thing is also extremely quiet and has served me well for about 2 years now. Both PSU's have very nicely covered cables and feel solid when held or moved around within a case. The PSU's themselves are attractively painted, and seem to have a very thick coat/type of paint on them. Through the years that I've owned them, I feel that Corsair has taken the time and paid attention to detail to make sure quality was put into these PSU's. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
  12. Can you preload the game if you've bought the collectors edition? I would think so, but I haven't read anything to that. I do know that the collector's edition does allow you an early access to the game. I'm also afraid to hop on the SWTOR forums, because most of the posts are spammed with guild recruitment messages. I hate that ..
  13. Jack_of_java = coffee lover (like 1+ pots a day ) + 24 = day of birth
  14. I pre-ordered the collector's edition the first day they were available. I wish I could play it sooner, as Hellgate is starting to bore me a bit.
  15. Just received an official email from swtor.com that the release for the game will be on 12/20/11. This makes me happy as the last article I read said it may be pushed back to 2012. Can't wait to play and maybe kill a few of you while I'm at it.
  16. I know it isn't really practical as I've stated. The thoughts I've had behind doing this were 1) don't have to worry about finding or re-creating my win7 installation on the thumb drive 2) installation always there in case of a crash 3) faster installation. This was just an idea i was thinking about. I'm not dead-set on doing it yet.
  17. So.... I'm looking to build a new gaming computer and will most likely purchase a SSD drive for the OS/games. It will only be for gaming. When considering the parts/software involved, I came up with an interesting concept I am curious about. On a laptop I have purchased from Dell in the past, ~10 GB of HD space is partitioned from the rest and the operating system installation is loaded onto it. I have noticed a huge difference in installing Win 7 from this partition over using a USB thumbdrive, and of course a DVD. So my question revolves around the idea of pre-loading Win 7 on a partition of the SSD. Can this be done to improve the installation speed of Win 7? It may not seem practical, but to me, it's only 10 GB (probably even less considering I can load the Win 7 installation on a 4GB thumb drive). Most likely I will shop around for a SSD, but have it before I have most of the components to the gaming build. The installation could be set up ahead of time and be ready to go when the rest of the build is together. What do you guys think about this?
  18. I just caught up watching the gameplay videos and some of the trailers that have been released. I can't wait to play this game! I'm so sick of the WoW crowd and have been waiting since the first mention of this game for it's release.
  19. I first want to apologize to everyone in this discussion if it did cause any hard feelings. That was not the intention of the original post. My original post was more on the lines of a rant towards self respect and self dignity. What upset me the most about the whole situation was taking the word "$lut," and turning it into an everyday cliche that could be passed around the dinner table. I was not raised like this. I was not raised in an environment where women called each other "." or other nastier names, or even considered themselves that. Personally, I find it really offending when a woman considers herself that or calls others that. I would like to believe that I have more respect for another person than to use such terms loosely. So, with all that said: I am appalled by the naming of the march. As was stated by a previous poster: it could have been called "rape awareness walk" or something along those lines.
  20. Here's another thought I had about this when I was discussing the issue with a friend of mine. Say for instance the cop used another word such as "moron" or even "idiot." Would we have a moron walk or an idiot walk around the world? Take the situation of this: the cop tells people not to be idiots by flashing their money around when they go out - you may get mugged. It was an act by the officer educate people about the avoidance of a situation when pertaining to what they should and should not do. Someone took it to the complete other extreme. Societies are growing extremely weak and will be the destruction of themselves.
  21. I guess my thoughts on this are that chivalry in terms of respect and protecting of women. I believe the officer was acting in good faith, but used the wrong terms when trying to get his point across. Let me throw in a couple more notes: self respect and self control. http://www.astro.umd.edu/~marshall/chivalry.html
  22. I was doing my daily reading at bbc and came across this article. Where has this world gone to? The officer in question may have not have had the best wording, but I still don't understand why people take such a thing and completely blow it out of proportions. We diminish this to "that's human behaviour," but where does it end?
  23. So I've been recently wanting to get some music from when I was growing up and such. Where is the best place to download/purchase the mp3's? I've thought about amazon and itunes, but I don't want to be stuck with only being able to put it on one device or an apple only device. So where do you guys recommend a person to go and download MP3's from, considering the situation?
  24. +1 I'm in the same boat here. Guns have always been considered a tool when I was growing up. To me, this means it is no different than a knife, shovel, etc. It isn't the item itself that kills people, but the user of that tool that determines what the tool does.
  25. here's an idea for future contest instead of doing the 1-225 RNG pick...have a contest where people suggest various types of contest. Bosco picks the contest from that. It in itself could be considered a contest.
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