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  1. I'm building a couple of computer for my parent's business. I'm stuck between going with the Core Duo E6600 and the E6400. They won't be running any graphic intense programs. Mostly just Quicken and accounting software. Which would you recommend? Is it worth the extra for the E6600? Thanks.
  2. I just bought an OEM Pentium D 830...but i need a CPU fan and heatsink for it. I'm dealing with limited space, because the CPU is actually going in a home theatre PC I'm building. What do you suggest as a CPU cooler that is quiet, will fit in a HPTC case, and works with a 775 motherboard?
  3. Well, for one, what about connection to router? Should I go with default "full autonegotiation," or "half-blah" or what? What about wake on lan settings and such?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for setting up my TCP/IP and NIC for an NForce 4 board in windows. I know packets, etc, really effect gameplay. Also, any info for setting up routers and modem would be nice. This could be a future sticky. Thanks ahead of time.
  5. Well, since I am building 2 of them, I don't want to spend too much. I could fork out for the 3800 X2, but then I have to decide whether to go AM2 or stick with 939. The thing about the AM2 I am worried about is the cost of the ram to go with it. I think 1 GB per comp would be sufficient for what I'm doing. Anyways, thanks for your comments and suggestions.
  6. I'm looking to build two HTPC's for my home, and can't decide on which processor to get. There will be no gaming on these machines - only media playing (movies, music, etc) and the occasional CD/DVD burning. There is only a $3 difference between the two on a few sites that I have looked (zipzoomfly.com). Which should I get? Is there another alternative I should be looking at? Choice 1: Athlon 64 3500 Choice 2: Athlon 64 3700
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