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  1. one word describes these people..... SHEEP
  2. How do we get them to do this with other games??
  3. it can go 50/50 with games. It depends on what you're doing with the game. My experience is that I don't use vsync on FPS games that I play because of ping. I want precise movements, which I think vsync takes out. However, if you just play a game for fun and enjoyment, then I tend to max everything out and turn on vsync for the smoothest play.
  4. I still have the 7ft aircraft carrier from my GI Joe Collection stored somewhere....but i went through my closets when I was 18 or so and threw a lot of old things away...so there isn't too much left behind...
  5. Here is a bit more expensive alternative, but it will allow you to add more harddrives to the case later if need be.
  6. If it were me...and you're going to be dragging them to court (unless it was court ordered from the ticket), I'd walk in and plead NO CONTEST to the ticket, neither admitting guilt or innocence. Then remember to apologize to the judge and the officer for this incident, and that you'll be more careful in the future. In my opinion, best course of action....
  7. I saw the interview they had of him when he first mentioned the making and completion of the Rocky and Rambo series. Basically he felt that he had left the previous movies with no closure. So he was going to make these just to give the characters some type of closure in life. I haven't seen Rocky Balboa yet, but I've heard it's just 50/50. Either way, from seeing this, it doesn't look that bad. And admit it Bigred...at least he isn't like Jean Claude Van Daam...who makes the same movie over and over again! lol
  8. what about building a monowall? That'd take the load off your computer and from what I've heard works great. It doesn't need a big computer to run either. Here's also a link for some information to windows 64/server 2k3 and compatible firewalls. http://www.msfn.org/win2k3/misc.htm
  9. I have used Avast as an Anti-virus for XP 64 and just used windows firewall as a firewall. Seemed to work fine.
  10. His point about the memory was that most motherboards don't give an exact voltage to the memory - an undervoltage. So if you tell a motherboard to use 1.8v, it may only be applying 1.75 to the sticks of memory. In some instances, this is just enough to cause the problems you were having. I had this happen with a set of GSkill ram that I had. So, go ahead and run memtest and everything on the stick, but I'd suggest setting the voltage over a bit. It shouldn't hurt your motherboard at all if you don't go crazy with applying voltage. At this point, just go up a bit on the ram. If it shows the actual voltage being applied (usually in the monitor settings in bios), then you'll see what is being applied.
  11. I think he meant ignorance as an unwillingness to explore or learn, which actually is correct. It is chosen by the believer to stop at their belief and not explore any further. Ignorance comes into play when they fail or defy to continue exploring possibilities. I don't think maturity was the basis for that statement. Think about how much we have learned in the field of medicine. Long ago, scientific study that encouraged the willingness to explore and explain was considered herecy if it defied religion. Now it is considered common knowledge for all. His statement is correct, in my opinion, when you consider how much we have learned as heretics.
  12. I'm kind of wondering if you have a bad version of windows or some other part on your system is failing due to overheating or what not. Can the system run for say....2 hours without it locking up in bios? I would consider getting into bios and watching the temps to make sure that there isn't some hardware problem that is causing overheating. The link didn't work to the drivers that you posted. However, all you really need to do is load all the drivers from the 64 bit folder. If you load them all, then windows will decide which is the best one usually for the situation when you install. But seeing as it is identifying the hard drive and then allowing you to start windows installation, it isn't a driver issue per say. Are you using a OEM or burned copy of 64? Some of the files may be bad on the CD. Maybe try obtaining another copy to see if it installs. Those are the only things I can think of.
  13. My argument here is the fact that they have someone that is not qualified to scientifically base their evidence on a conclusion. For instance, this guy in the video was an engineer. Wouldn't it be more conceivable to have a biologist speak? The thing that is the most annoying is people actually believe this crap that is put out there. Those people in turn try to preach it to the "non-believers" like myself.
  14. Which drivers are you using? If you downloaded them from a link, post them here. If it's the CD you're installing them off of, let us know. Also, at what point of the process of installation is it locking up?
  15. This guy is an author and an engineer...and a moron. Does he even know what the theory of evolution is? Life from non-life=spontaneous generation...that's what he is talking about. Evolution - evolving...and it happens every day! Have the idiot explain why there are several strands of flu...or how many different types of tomatos...or why he's allergic to peanut butter where his parents were not....idiot wanna be scientist religious fanatics...
  16. Thanks for the info fire_storm.
  17. I'm looking for a DFI SLI-DR or SLI-DR Expert board. If you have one or know where one is under $150...give me a jingle.
  18. I know it's low on volts. I've had it up to 1.55v (which is how I got it up to around 3.6GHz), but it fails prime 95 every time! The chipset is set to auto (not sure what it's at) The ram I put at 1.9v (range is 1.8-1.9v)
  19. Hey all, I'm fairly new to oc'ing, but love to build stuff. I read the article on oc'ing, because I have this great watercooled E6600/dual 8800 setup. The problem is that I can't seem to get the processor to overclock over 3.15GHz or so (QDR 1420 - 350x9) and remain stable. I've tried upping the voltage, putting the mem on linked/sync'd, and taking the mem off link/sync'd. Nothing seems to work. My rig consists of: E6600 Revision B2 with stepping of 6 and voltage of 1.416 (now) at 3.15GHz Gskill DDR2 6400 2x2Gb at 5-5-5-15 (at 400MHz) EVGA 680i SLI model 122-CK-NF68 Rev A2 What am I doing wrong? I've gotten it as high as 3.6 GHz with the temp no going above 40C, but it fails prime 95 everytime almost immediately. Anything above 3.15GHz I get rounding errors. Do I just have a moderate chip? The temps have never gone above 41C according to Coretemp.exe. At the working frequency, the temp is idle at around 33C and full load of 37-38C (from what I've seen). The temp at 3.6GHz was at 37C without a load applied. My goal is for pure speed from the processor. I'm not looking to reach some mystical score on 3d Mark or whatever. I just want to max out the performance to my machine. What am I doing wrong?
  20. Ding...ding..dingeling FTW again!
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