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  1. I really don't think 5GB is that many pictures. You take one or two vacations and you'll easily be at that mark. The real question you should ask is for those that are below 5GB, do they ever leave the house? :lol:


    We do leave the house, and may have gone farther than you have! The thing is, I'm just not a photography addicted person. When I go somewhere, I like to experience first hand and keep that picture memory in my head. I'm not the annoying guy snapping 20, 000, 000, 000 pictures of every little thing that they see. "Hey kids! Crouch around that roach on the sidewalk so I can take a picture! How cute!"

  2. Well hell brother I will come give you a ride to the bar in my pick up and lets get a beer! :cheers:





    Sounds like the theme of a Randy Travis song...



    Can't do that since your truck broke down and all your money is going to replacing your real tree collection that was burned up in your trailer!

  3. IMO....3d gaming has it's place for fighting and adventure games. However, to me, it is just a gimmick to sell hardware. Stick with what you can afford at the moment go from there. From my personal experience, NVIDIA has always been better when it comes to gaming, but AMD/ATI has always been better at video playing. I recently had to switch out a brand new Nvidia GT520 card for my old HD 4850 to use in my HTPC due to known issues with audio/video syncing when playing back movies on the TV. If your TV has a DVI connection, use that if you intend to game. The downside is that you cannot use the TV speakers for audio, as DVI does not have an audio throughput like HDMI. Just food for thought.


    Also, I'd recommend against spending a bunch of money on an extra vid card for physX. Look on the NVidia website for a list of physX compatible cards, then search ebay or the forums here to see if someone has an old card to use for it. You DO NOT need to have an extremely powerful card for physX. Currently, I am running a GTX 580 as my main card, and an old 8800GT for my physX. I do like the difference I see from physX, but others may not.

  4. It'd be very curious to see what this looks like when you finish. The only downsides that I can think of by doing this is 1) the heat created by the light 2) loss of airflow if you use some sort of reflective shield to strengthen the beam of light 3) the brightness keeping you up at night. Otherwise, it does sound like an interesting idea. I kind of think it would almost be like one of those alarm clocks that displays the time on the ceiling. Keep us posted and remember pictures!

  5. I need a recommendation for an all in one printer/scanner/fax. Here is what I'm looking for from this device:


    1) Small and portable - I am going to start travelling here shortly as an RN, and want something smaller, lighter than the average 50lb monster I see in hospitals.


    2) Ink ribbon - I don't use a printer for very much. The last one I had, the ink cartridges dried up sometime before I went to use it last. Ribbons are already dry, thus eliminating that problem.


    3) All-in-one - The least amount of extra devices, the better. Printer/scanner/fax for all my needs in one unit.


    4) Quality doesn't have to be picture perfect, but want it to look professional as well. Monochrome is perfectly fine for me.


    5) The device does not have to be wireless. I have USB ports to which to connect it.


    6) Budget - ~$200 bones


    7) Color doesn't matter as long as it does the job.


    8) Would like to go with a style of laser printer (see 2 and 4).


    I will NOT buy another Dell all-on-one printer. That was my last one, and the experience with it was constant problems. Other brands I've heard of are lexmark, brother, HP, Kodak. I would really like to hear from someone that has found what I'm looking for, or has a recent purchase within the last year of something comparable.

  6. My older brother dropped his external hard drive a while back, and it stopped working immediately. He really, really wants to get the data off of it, as it has a lot of pictures from when he was stationed in Africa. I need a recommendation from someone that has either gone through this process, or does the hard drive recovery. Who should i send it to? I know it isn't guaranteed to get any data back, but I would also like a ballpark figure of the cost. Thanks ahead of time.

  7. I haven't read the links yet, but this makes me wonder if it is a legal way for the government to jail terrorists. For instance, take the inmates at G-MO. You make them become US citizens, and under this law, you can jail them indefinitely for anything you conceive that they have or haven't done. That keeps foreign countries from asking too many questions about their previous citizens as to their whereabouts, treatment, or ability to be released.


    It may also quash the ability of the UN to file charges against the US gov for illegal detention of foreign nationals.

  8. I would have to say that back in the day, I absolutely loved Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Ravenshield. I played countless hours of that game in clan matches and just for fun. I can't begin to tell you how much sleep I lost, or how much time I filled in between work and on call for work.

  9. So here's my impressions from the first day of gaming as a trooper. I was able to level up the trooper to level 11 or 12, and logged off on Corrusant (sp?). The graphics and animations were very good in my book. The voice acting was superb, and I really only had a few glitches that I noticed. The story-line of the trooper was excellent (not as good as the Jedi storyline from what I've heard). I'm not going to go too much more into detail, as I do not want to ruin it for others that are awaiting the release to play.



    One of the glitches was the loot bug, where it would not allow you to loot from mobs occasionally. I presume that this is due to lag, since the servers are being maxed out this weekend. A quick fix for the loot bug was to just use the sit animation and then move again, which allowed me to loot immediately. The other bug that I found annoying was when you attempted to exit the game or log out. Exiting the game never worked for me, and when I tried to log out, it sent me to a loading screen that never went away. I eventually had to alt+tab and then end the program through task manager.


    Wait times and lag:

    I'm writing this now as my queue time is estimated at 5 hours for the server I created my trooper on yesterday (was 30 minutes). I noticed an occasional lag spike in the game, and noticed others with worse lag than I had. Overall, was hardly noticeable for me. The view distance for seeing other characters/NPC's seemed to be slow when moving through an area. I presume this is due to lag and server overload as well.


    Things they could improve:

    One thing that I don't like so far is the lack of auto-fire. In WoW, you could click on a target with LMB and not fire, but if you RMB the target, it would auto-fire on the target. It seemed that in this game, you always have to be pushing a button in order to start an action. There is no auto-fire associated with the game.


    Re-spawning is mediocre at best. If you die, you are given the opportunity to either re-spawn on the spot, or be sent back to the closest medical station. When you die, the mobs will reset and go back to the same actions and place you first encountered them. As you are revived on the spot, you will be given a temporary invulnerability to attacks and also a stealth so you can back up out of a situation. I frown upon this tactic as it gives a player too much room for error during fights. I saw several fights where players would take on creature much more powerful than they were, and just keep re-spawning over and over again at the same spot. Personally, I feel that there should be more of a penalty (like re-spawning at the med station), so that players will be a little more cautious when taking on mobs stronger than they are.


    I alt+tabbed out of the game several times to read up on something and never had a single problem going back in. A lot of other players were complaining or the game crashing to desktop on them if they did this.


    Social morons in general chat are still there, just changed the game they are playing.



    I had a blast playing this yesterday, and I look forward to it today (that is if work cooperates and I get the chance to log in). I'm glad that it wasn't as easy as I presumed it to be for leveling. At times, it was quite difficult and I wondered how I was going to live through a part. I probably could have leveled much higher, but due to the server load and some of the quests requiring mob kills/items from open, free-for-all areas, it made questing nearly impossible to complete. I did not get much of a change to dive into crafting/collecting so I have no input there. Also, because of the previously mentioned things, I could not get into any flashpoints. The way it is looking today, I'm thinking that it isn't going to happen either. I would need more game time to say with certainty, but I do believe this game may put a huge dent in the wow population. As for me, I'm definitely converting to this game from WoW.

  10. Well as long as you still have the habit, then the e cigs are not really going to work for very long. The addiction to the nicotine is the big driver that will bring down the e cigs fairly quickly and put you back onto regular cigs.


    Not to influence you or anything, but I was a 2 pack a day menthol smoker for 35+ years. I quit a year ago last March 25th.


    Although you HAVE to want to quit which I know you say you are not trying to do (yet), I would recommend Chantix for quiting when you are ready. I did it without any support people or anything and it worked great. I still have a craving now and then (like right after a nice big meal) but I know it is better for me and no more smelly clothes!


    I know a couple of people around here who are using the e cigs and not having any luck with them. One person is trying to quit and the other is like you, just changing the image I guess. They both say that the e cigs just don't "do it" for them and they end up back sneaking regular cigs whenever they can.


    Tough habit to break or make changes too for sure, but it can be done.


    Good luck with the e cigs.




    +1 to what Bill said.


    I'm a smoker that hates smoking as well. I can completely sympathize with what you are saying. However, I agree that you are going to have to want to quit in order to quit. I have tried Chantix before and it worked great with the urges and cravings. But in the end, you have to want to quit.


    As far as the e-cigs: these were made to keep people smoking in places they can't smoke (i.e. restaurants). They are kind of expensive to start with, and the refills end up costing about the same amount as a pack of cigarettes as you use them. It is an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, but may not be as successful as they advertise.


    As far as Chantix: As an RN, I have to recommend that you go to the doctor and get his/her opinion on using Chantix. There are side effects and medical history that do need to be considered before they will prescribe it to you. It is a program (minimum of a month, but can be extended), that you will have to stick to very strictly. It is a good option if you are the right candidate.


    Other methods of quitting would be nicotine gum and patches. Both of these help some people, but it is also in the mind frame of the person using them. Nicotine patches can get messy and annoying when putting them on and taking them off. I personally hate the taste of nicotine gum.


    All these methods are temporary if you keep smoking. Having tried most of them, I'd have to say I had the best results with Chantix.


    Things that may help you quit with or without the above mentioned things:


    1) Drink a glass of water or juice when you get the urge to smoke. Smoking may stir the stomach causing the craving, and by drinking something, it may help diminish it.


    2) Change patterns that enable you to smoke. These would be going outside on smoke breaks with a group of friends, going to bars, etc. This is only temporary to help break the habit of smoking.


    3) Get a craving, exercise. Some people claim this has helped them a bit. A friend of mine told me that whenever he would get a craving at home, he'd just stop what he was doing and go walk around the neighborhood or yard for about 10-15 minutes.


    4) Avoid food items that you want to smoke with. This is a killer for me. Smoking and coffee go hand in hand. I LOVE COFFEE. So, when I've quit before, I had to avoid coffee and find another source of caffeine (addiction) for a couple of months. During that time, coffee never tasted the same anyways.


    5) Set a date to quit and stick by it. Have an anniversary or birthday coming up? Incorporate that date with a quit date or using chantix (28 day program).


    You can probably find the government website with a simple search in google that may have many more methods to quit. These are just a few that I've tried or recommended to others. I wish you well on your endevour and hope it works for you.

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