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    Water Cooling??

    50/50 on the reservoir. Some people say you need them to give the mix in your lines a chance to stay cooled down, and others will tell you it just drops the flow rate of the lines. However, if this is your first build, I'd suggest doing what was mentioned above and just putting in a T-line to fill your loop and then add the reservoir later once you feel that you system requires it. BTW: I sent you a PM freefrag
  2. jack_of_java

    What Do You Think About Those Deals?

    Besides budget, you need to ask yourself what are you going to use it for? Only get a laptop if it is practical to your needs. I'm not sure if any other those have a vid card, according to the information you sent. If you're interested in gaming on the go, and they don't have a vid card, then you'll be extremely limited as to the games you can play. The notebooks will share the memory to use with the graphics. This would pretty much leave you with just a wordprocessing/websurfing notebook. But, if that's what you want...
  3. jack_of_java

    Cpu Check

    I'm going to replace my Q6600 with an E8400 or likewise for my EVGA 680i mobo. I think I fried part of the Q6600...so that's why I'm replacing it. Is there any particular revision/stepping I should get with this CPU? Is there a better processor that I should get than the E8400? I really don't need a quad. The price was right when I bought this one. I do mostly gaming on this comp and will only be doing some minor overclocking.
  4. jack_of_java

    Looking for GPS and Software

    I'll take that into consideration. Almost forgot about this thread I posted. I still haven't had much time to build my car pc yet, but when I do, I'll still need this. Here is one I've read a lot of positive reviews about and am also considering.
  5. I'm looking for a good, reasonably priced GPS system with software? I'll be using this with my notebook for now in my car on trips. Any recommendations?
  6. jack_of_java

    Cod4 Players On Occ?

    you guys want to post some IP's to the servers you play on? makes it faster for connecting.
  7. jack_of_java

    Cod4 Players On Occ?

    iRoXoRi....haven't played in a while though...might fire it up tonight.. I'll reinstall X-fire...but hated it before due to bs problems with games.
  8. jack_of_java

    Cpu Check

    i did check all the mounting screws and the nuts that came with the waterblock when I reapplied AS5 last weekend. The nuts are the ones that are rounded off at the top, so you can only put them so far onto the screw. The springs have tension underneath the nuts as well. I'm using the Swifttech Apogee GT (i 'm pretty sure it's the GT). I've completely removed the OC for the processor and now have it at factor 2.4GHz. I'm getting a few lock up from time to time, but nothing like I did before. I can run OCCT without problems, but that particular core still gets way hotter than the others. I think though what I'm going to do is just wait out until it's time to upgrade again. No sense in spending money on a new processor when this one is somewhat working now. With the way the market is going, I'm sure that the prices will keep dropping anyways. Thanks again for the help King.
  9. jack_of_java

    Cpu Check

    not necessarily fried I guess king...more..it's about to burn out? Cores 1, 3, and 4 are reading normal temp wise. Core 2 is really overheating for no reason. When I OC'd it a couple months ago, I ran OCCT for many hours and everything was fine. Max temp was 55 or so on my WC setup. I can't even run OCCT now because core 2 will overheat. It'll overheat on desktop if the comp is on over 2 hours causing it to lock up. I just tried to run OCCT again today. Cores 1, 3, and 4 sat idle at 45C and max of 62C again. Core 2 sat idle at 52C and ran hot enough to shut down OCCT during the stress test (68C+). I'm going to try a new application of AS5 tonight, but I don't think that is it. I just put some fresh stuff on a couple of weeks ago. **Update*** Just reapplied AS5 and tried "burning in" the AS5 by running OCCT. Core 2 is still overheating and causing the program to stop. I disabled it in bios and am going to try and see if it won't lock up so much. Right now, 10 minutes max and it locks up.
  10. jack_of_java

    Vegas 2 Anyone?

    I haven't played the single player mode yet Cam, but they did bring back some great maps from RVS and older days for terrorists hunt. It is more strategic now than it was in vegas 1. I must say, that it is quite tough. There is no more "shooting 20 times to kill" an enemy. Same goes for the AI shooting you. One shot kills like RVS coop. I've had a server up from time to time under the name of iRoXoRi to play some coop, and the only complaint I've been getting is lag. The load times of the game kind of suck. I would expected them to cut that down in a future patch, as well as fix the netcode. As far as your other questions about the console and multiplayer boot. I haven't messed with the console enough to tell you more. I've also played several rounds and maps without anyone being booted. However, I did get one lockup, but that may have been due to a hardware overclock error (was quite hot in my comp room that day). BTW: If anyone wants to play a coop game or what not of VEGAS 1 or 2...just shoot me a PM!
  11. jack_of_java

    Vegas 2 Anyone?

    I did get it to work a bit last night. It is better than the original as iKill said, but there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out. Unfortunately though, I had to use a no-cd crack to get the game to work with the 1.01 patch! I bought the D2D version, installed it, and patched the game. When I went to play with some friends online, it kept showing a different version than those that bought the retail and installed the patch. So, I worked around it, but this may not work with future patches. It has some bugs, but it is still fun. BTW...love the RVS and original maps that they brought back.
  12. jack_of_java

    Vegas 2 Anyone?

    I bought the D2D version of the game and am having a heck of a time updating it so that friends and I can play coop together. It seems the patch that was released from ubi does not want to update the game to v 1.01. I'm at a loss right now. As far as the game goes, it is somewhat of an addon pack, but they have changed a few things that make the game seem better.
  13. jack_of_java

    I'm Not Young! I'm 18!

    wow...and remind me why one would want to have a child that acts that way in this day and age? perpetuation of the species isn't a valid answer...
  14. jack_of_java

    Assassin's Creed

    What type of gamepad are you guys using to play the game? I have a rumble pad 2 (PS2 look alike for PC).
  15. jack_of_java

    Msconfig Question

    Here's a website to use as a guide to turning on/off services. Might save you some time and learn something about the services while doing it. BLACK VIPER
  16. jack_of_java

    Frustrated With 8800 Gts

    I'm running dual 8800 GTS 640 mb with the G80 chipset. Both cards are EVGA. Without volt modding the cards, I'm running 633 on the GPU clock and 1015 on the memory. So far, I haven't noticed too much of a difference. Maybe just a slight one with some games.
  17. jack_of_java

    Any Good Games Left?

    oh god yes! I almost forgot about OFP! I could reinstall it as well! I also have arma. I'm going to watch some of the Vegas 2 trailors today...if it looks good, then I'll get it!
  18. jack_of_java

    Any Good Games Left?

    I do like COD4...but I'm a sucker for semi-realism. I love the Tom Clancy game series (vegas, ravenshield, etc). I hate the games where you have to shoot someone 20 times to kill them. So, when playing COD4, I only play on hardcore search and destroy servers.
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    Welcome to OCC
  20. jack_of_java

    Gun Nuts - This Is Sure To Boil Your Blood:

    So what happened with this story?
  21. jack_of_java

    64-bit Os - Should I Do It?

    As I said, "XP 64 has been more stable for me, in terms of overclocking and running programs." I play games and do a few other things. I am not a 3dmark ScoreWh***. I get a lot more BSOD's and locks ups with the same OC on vista with what I do (COD4, etc).
  22. jack_of_java

    64-bit Os - Should I Do It?

    I have both xp64 and vista 64 ultimate. XP 64 has been more stable for me, in terms of overclocking and running programs. However, this was before SP1 came out for vista. I have yet to reinstall vista and update to SP1. I have fairly new hardware, so it is a tossup for me. Q6600 @ 3.2 GHz EVGA 680i SLI 2x 8800 GTS 640mb in SLI (both overclocked) Audigy Fatality Edition
  23. jack_of_java

    Ok Can Someone Help Me??

    RMA it...
  24. jack_of_java

    Creepy Stuff...time To Vent.

    Guns don't kill people....people kill people. What's to say he didn't have a gun and shot because you scared him? What if he had a knife or something else? I am a firm believer in gun pocession (especially conceiled weapon laws), and hate when someone uses gun control as a means to an end. We recently had a 30 something year old man that was beaten by 3 highschool kids with baseball bats not too far from where I live. He died later due to his wounds. Would a gun help in this instance? Maybe, maybe not. However, it might just make them think twice before they attempt their first swing not knowing if this guy was carrying or not. In your instance, I'd suggest beafing up your home security a bit. Either put in some sensor lights in your back yard, or something.
  25. jack_of_java

    Hardrive Deal For A Nas Builder

    Was just browsing the Clubit deals sections and found this: WD Caviar SE16 500gb Hardrive OEM on sale ...$86.84 Decent price to buy several for a NAS build.