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  1. You know, a person can only have so many problems with a product before they decide to call it quits. That is the case with this TR version of EVGA's 680i motherboard. It is just at a year old now. The very first one I had to RMA because it was DOA. Now this one, after only about a year, is causing harddrive problems left and right. Sometime the sata ports will recognize the harddrives, other times it won't. I've had corrupt file transfers, problems loading windows, you name it. I think it is time to retire it and chalk it up to a learning experience. Anyone else out there that has had as much problems with this motherboard as I have?
  2. jack_of_java

    Evga 680i Woes

    To answer your question Verran: yes, I have changed out all the cables at one time or another. Now I have to move the SATA cables from port to port on the motherboard just to get it to boot sometimes. I've had constant problems with it blue screening on me, locking up, and general instability whether I've had the board OC'd or not. I am with hardnrg on this one, I just think it is a bad design.
  3. jack_of_java

    Props To Evga.

    I bought one of the 680i motherboards from evga when they first came out on the market. The first one was a bad revision and I had to RMA. I called them, gave them a CC number for security purposes, and they had a brand new one shipped out for me the very same day. I received it two days later. Plus, I had 14 days to send in my broken motherboard. Anyways, EVGA support services are great! The people I talked to spoke very good English, and were very understanding and easy to deal with. As far as their products are concerned, I've bought several (12+) graphic cards from them and several motherboards. Only one of the products was DOA. I'd highly recommend their products to anyone.
  4. jack_of_java

    Jack's Sale Extravaganza!

    I believe that it will take a full ATX PSU. If I recall, I had a 500-550 watt antec PSU in there before I took all the parts out for other builds. Also, I don't believe as though I was missing any hardware. I have tons of extra hardware that I can provide with the case if need be (motherboard mounts, screws, etc).
  5. jack_of_java

    Jack's Sale Extravaganza!

    Here's what I'm selling: Q6600 Retail (includes original box, heatsink and paperwork) Great for a gaming rig or the folders out there = $150 shipped Also I have a Athlon 64 3000 (skt 939) with an aftermarket thermaltake heatsink = $25 shipped/obo Great to use for a office comp, HTPC, etc. Also have a NZXT Duet case for sale - barely used = $60 shipped Used as a HTPC case. Worked great. I can provide more information (pictures, ss of CPU-z, etc) on the above components as asked in PM. If interested, please send me a PM and we'll work something out. I will only ship items within continental US and Canada . Thanks ahead of time.
  6. jack_of_java

    Razer Mice!?!?!?!

    I have the Razer Copperhead going on two years now. I use it for gaming and much more. Excellent mouse, excellent software, and no problems what so ever.
  7. jack_of_java

    Titan Quest

    i have it...played it..and still enjoy the heck out of it..
  8. jack_of_java

    Terminator Salvation

    I think they should have stuck with the guy they used for T3 personally. Bale is being overused in my opinion.
  9. jack_of_java

    All-time Favorite Shooter Game

    i don't think BF1942 spawned everything.....i think it was operation flashpoint for me that did it...at the time, was the ultimate fps/sim out there
  10. jack_of_java

    What To Do...oh What To Do...

    I can wait til the x2's come out. Right now I have a pair of 3870x2's that are going to be going on ebay. I think I jumped the gun when I purchased 2 3870x2's. Do you think I need a pair of the 4870x2's when they come out to push that 30" monitor? Or will one be sufficient? Also, what is the expected release date? I've seen everything from June to late August on various forums (yes, yes...i know June is gone by the wayside).
  11. I'm considering upgrading my graphics cards. What would be your opinions for gaming on a 30" Dell 3007WFP-HD monitor...2x4870's in cf, or wait for a 4870x2 to come out?
  12. jack_of_java

    Internet Packet Loss

    I have heard that Comcrap is horrible in the Chicago area for some reason. Most of the people I know there have switched to another provider for the same reasons you have just said.
  13. jack_of_java

    Cleaning Car Carpet?

    shop vac, hot water, a good bristle brush, and maybe some foam carpet cleaner would work the best. Make sure not to get the carpet too wet, else it will leave that wet dog smell in it.
  14. jack_of_java

    Favorite Vista Guides

    I just reinstalled vista 64 ultimate on my gaming machine, and am looking to tweak it. I am searching for guides and tid-bits on Google, but would like the personal favorite guides of members of this forum. So, what are your favorite Vista guides?
  15. jack_of_java

    Comp Won't Boot From Hd

    I had the same problem with a plextor DVD burner that was an old SATA revision. I had to buy an IDE drive to store just to install windows, because it wouldn't use that drive as a loader for the windows installer. If this is semi-familiar in your case, just get a cheap IDE CD Drive and use that just to install windows and your other main drivers (sata drivers in windows mainly). Hopefully that helps.
  16. jack_of_java

    Need Some Recommendations

    I jumped on the bandwagon and just bought a Wii for the gf and I to play around on. So far, I'm liking it. However, I just have the simple package which includes on remote and the Wii sports. So, I'm just asking for some recommendations of some games that people have played that would be good to get. Another note: I was also reading the instructions and found out that the Wii will also play gamecube games as well. So if you can think of any of those you'd recommend, I'm all eyes. Thanks again.
  17. jack_of_java

    Future Htpc Build

    Here are 3 that I can recommend for cases to use. I personally have all 3 that I'm using as HTPC cases. I'm not sure about the height clearance for the big typhoon, but it may work. NZXT Duet Thermaltake Mozart Silverstone Black
  18. jack_of_java

    7300's In Sli, Lol

    man...i bet he can play a mean game of doom on there!
  19. jack_of_java

    Gigabyte 8800GT Contest

    I have to agree with Andrew...this is the first time I've ever won a contest like this! Heck, my luck is so bad that I never received anything when putting in for over $250k worth of grants and scholarships for college! Thanks again all!
  20. jack_of_java

    New Rpg To Play

    I just started playing Hellgate: London. So far I'm loving it!
  21. jack_of_java

    Vegas 2 Anyone?

    Anyone played R6: Vegas 2 yet? I'm still in the contemplation mode of whether to get it or not. The reviews out have been a bit skeptical with the game. I have the first Vegas, and am looking forward to the second one. I just hope I'm not let down if I decide to get it.
  22. jack_of_java

    Vegas 2 Anyone?

    the sound looping is just a game bug. I was hoping they fixed it with the 1.02 patch, but leave it to ubi to leave out fixes for the most annoying things.
  23. jack_of_java

    Vegas 2 Anyone?

    add me to x-fire if you want to do battles sometime... iRoXoRi I have a second comp to throw a server up, so we can put more peeps on it..
  24. Verran is correct. To give more info, the only way you are going to see all 4gb of ram is if you use one of the 64 bit operating systems out there. These would include windows xp 64, vista 64, or one of the open-source linux out there. Windows xp is best with 2gb of ram. Depending on your system, you may not want to add the other 2gb of ram. Some motherboards drop the speed of the ram when you increase the amount and fill the ram slots. You may want to contact your motherboard maker to find out. This will depend on how old this system is and the other components as well.
  25. Any recommendations for aftermarket coolers for a EVGA 8800 GTS Oc'd? I have them watercooled right now, but am going to put them back on air due to space limitations.