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  1. Yeah, I found that, and I have it set to Sleep whenever I press the power button, whether it's plugged in or not. But it still doesn't work right.
  2. Well, I did some experimenting, and when it's plugged in, it does the thing where all I have to do is move the mouse. When it's unplugged, it does the kind of sleep I want it to. Does anyone know a setting that does this? I've looked throughout power options, and I can't find it.
  3. I thought stand-by and hibernation from xp were combined to get sleep for vista edit: I just tried it again, and it works now... It seems to randomly change.
  4. For 8 months mine did it the way I like though.
  5. For about 8 months, my Vista has slept whenever I've told it to. I have a laptop, and the screen turns off while the power button slowly fades in and out. In the past few days, it has started just turning the screen off while keeping the power light on, and all I have to do to wake it up is move the mouse. Before I had to press the power button to wake it up. Any ideas?
  6. I have the Logitech X-530 speaker system, and Want to hook it up to my XBox 360 for surround sound. I have an adaper that is stereo RCAs to one 3.5 mm mini plug, but I need stereo RCAs to three mini plugs to get the surround sound. Does anyone know where I can get an adapter for this purpose?
  7. This may sound like a stupid question, but how do i reformat my HDD? When I tried to install XP, I chose the "Fresh install", and most of my previous files were still on there. How do I completely format so that the only thing on there when I reinstall is the Operating System?
  8. AcePilot88

    Wmp 11

    When I try to play a video in windows media player 11, it says "You're computer is running out of memory. Please close some programs and try again." But I have 2 GB of RAM, and I'm using about 500 MBs. Help pls.
  9. AcePilot88


    Quad core Core 2 Extreme's are already out. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819115011
  10. LOL alright, I guess I won't be doing it then...
  11. I was just wondering if a laptop had sufficient cooling power for OCing, and if it is practical to do so. You can see my system specs in my sig. Thx
  12. How is wireless draft n? Has anyone tried it? is it worth the $230 for the PCMIA card and router?
  13. Can you suggest some sources?
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