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  1. pci 50 pin with drivers for win9x,me,nt,xp
  2. Come on prices to high???
  3. Won't do raid still got them all.
  4. I sent u a e-mail guess ur not interested in trades for the TI & 512ddr
  5. these are agoia y cores very overclockable the lowest I can go is 40.00 each.
  6. Lots of stuff added cleaning closet out.
  7. yes a global fan and heatsinks. so far what else can I do.
  8. the card is overclocked now but I want higher.
  9. which one is faster for file servers?
  10. whats the normal benchmarks for this card? got mine to 5600 maxed out how can I mod this thing to go higher?
  11. ok for one u have to hit the insert key before it will boot even after clearing the cmos. How to fix? Also have a stick of pc2700 that works in my 8kha+ but not in this one whats up with that picky for memory?
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