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  1. 1. People who use their laptops as coasters when they're not using it. When I see a coffee stain ring on the back of the screen I feel the urge to rub their nose in it, swat them with a newspaper, and yell "No! Don't do that!" 2. People who store sensitive info (such as email passwords and credit card numbers) in text files on their desktop or on Post-It notes on their desk.
  2. A couple of over-easy eggs, hash browns, and sausage. Washed it down with some generic Juicy Juice and a Sam Adams. My classy breakfast-for-supper meal.
  3. I have two Samsung Spinpoint hard drives and I use both for streaming media to my laptop that is hooked to my TV. I have yet to have a problem with either drive, and I have owned one for 3 years and the other for 2.
  4. USB drives aren't the only USB device that can hang a restart. I just had a similar issue with my computer and I found it was caused by my cell phone being plugged in to charge. I suggest unplugging all USB devices but a mouse and keyboard and see what happens.
  5. I just became sick of using the onboard audio, so I moved the card out from between the video cards and put it in the only other slot I could, which is right above the two cards. It has been working for about a day now, so let's see what happens. Thanks for all the help, guys!
  6. Bad news, I'm afraid. I got that same BSOD again today. I had to uninstall the sound driver to boot into Windows. I'll try to find those Daniel_K drivers, but I think something else is the issue here. Does the fact that my sound card is sandwiched between my 2 4890 video cards mean anything? I didn't think heat would be an issue, considering there is a 120mm fan on the side of my case blowing fresh air onto it.
  7. When I tried reinstalling the drivers I downloaded the latest from Creative's website, but no luck with those. In my search for a solution, I did come across someone having a similar issue being caused by a conflict with ATI's HDMI audio drivers, so I installed the latest drivers for my video cards. Still no luck with that. bp9801 - Where did you get those drivers? I just installed them and it's pretty slick having everything wrapped up into one installer. I'll know in a few days if those drivers fix the issue.
  8. I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum installed on my computer, and everything has been working fine for the 2 years I've owned it. Recently, every time I shut down and start up my computer I get a bsod stating SYSTEM_EXITED_OWNED_MUTEX and it refuses to boot unless I go into safe mode. After some looking in the event viewer, the first error that appeared was caused by my sound card driver. As soon as I uninstalled it, I could boot in regular mode again. I tried reinstalling the driver and it survives the restart that is required afterward, but if I shut it down completely I get the BSOD again. Could this be caused by the sound card going bad? I've been running Windows 7 since it launched and haven't had any problems like this.
  9. A buddy of mine wanted some lighting for his case, so we installed some blue LED fans and a UV cold cathode. The blue LEDs seemed to be enough to get the UV effect when we had the cold cathode turned off. He later added some Lego ghosts in his case for fun, and it turned out quite well, since the ghosts are glow in the dark.
  10. I recently started using Windows 7 sleep instead of shutting down my computer completely, and I've noticed some weird but minor things happening. When my computer wakes from sleep, my hard drive LED starts to blink at a slow pulse, like the power LED when the computer is sleeping. It does this even when there is no actual hard drive activity. Also, when I made the computer sleep a second time without restarting, Windows Aero was disabled. After I restarted my computer, Aero came back and my hard drive light stopped pulsing. Does anyone know of a way to remedy these things? I haven't been able to find any info through Google. Thanks!
  11. The Vista install thing was definitely related to having more than 2GB ram. Good catch! I forgot I had to do that the first time we installed Vista on his computer. Just completed install and everything went smoothly. I also checked the BIOS version and it is 1.40, which is the latest version. I also ran Memtest and it completed all the tests without errors. Now I just have to install some games and see if the BSODs come back. Thanks for the great help!
  12. Hmm... now that I think of it, the original motherboard required a BIOS update to even POST with his processor, so perhaps I'll start my research there. As for how I tested the RAM, it is the RAM he is using now is the RAM I had in my computer for over a year. The RAM he bought wasn't compatible with his motherboard, so I gave him my stuff because I knew it would work. Just to be sure, I'll try Memtest.
  13. My friend's computer isn't working properly and I've tried almost everything. When I try to install Windows Vista on the computer, most of the time I get a BSOD right after it finishes loading stuff off of the dvd but before it gives the installation options. I can run an Ubuntu live cd just fine, however. I've tested the RAM, hard drive, and video card with my computer and they work fine. I used a PSU tester and the PSU seems fine. We even RMA'ed the motherboard, but still no luck. Is there a way to test the CPU to see if that is the culprit without having another processor to drop in? Or is this problem related to something else. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  14. I installed a copy of Windows 7 and most stuff seems to be working fine, but when I try to use any sort of device to play music off of my computer, such as my Xbox 360 or my Sony Bravia TV, my computer hard locks to the point where no mouse or keyboard input is detected. I have all of the latest Windows updates. I know for one thing I can't trust the Windows update for my wireless network card, however, because it prevents my card from connecting to the internet. I used what seemed to be the latest drivers for my card from the manufacturers site, so I think those are good. Any ideas?
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