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  1. WOW I am impressed, didnt think you could mix and match like that, so what you are saying is that these also have the d9 micron chips if so how do you know that and that being the case you just saved me about
  2. Hi ive been off the scene for a while and since i was last on i have gone over to vista, my question is i only have 2gb of 6400hz g.skill i think it should have 4gb's infact i am sure the system has slowed a tad since vista went on! now do i get another 2gig of the same ram for
  3. If you are seeing bad results in games since your o/c then it isnt satisfactory so from the info that you have supplied and this is your ram (Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-6400 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-800 CL4-4-4-12 240PIN Dual Channel Kit) then as you can see it should be running at -4-4-4-12 and not 5-5-5--15 this leads me to assume that you have also oc your ram and at the given voltages you have told us it wont run. So (breathes in) in the bios you need to set a divider to bring the ram back down to the 6400 mark and not the 7200 mark that you may be near and then it should run with the 4-4-4-12 timings and your cpu oc will still be the same. Regards demonoid
  4. hi people my problem is this, i have purchased a Western Digital MyBook 500g/b with external sata option. i have enabled the jmicron sata in the bios and installed the jmicron driver rebooted pc and everything is recognised. So i transfer some data and it is mega slow so i ran some tests here are the results average transfer rate of 1.3mb/s which is laughable So i plug in the usb and remove the esata and this is the result i get. average transfer rate of 29.5mb/s which is normal for usb (i think) So the question is why is the esata which should be faster so crap ... :angry2:
  5. i am no expert by any means and dont claim to be, i am a mere engineer of aircraft that enjoys technology but i always put a high voltage through the cpu to find the max overclock quickly then work back for stability and then stability whilst being energy efficient. My only advice be it small is that research the max cpu allowable voltage and if you want to pump that into it straight away then so be it but keep an eye on them temps. if you are gonna flame somebody so quickly atleast give an explanation as to why he is talking rubbish and then the next time somebody needs advice he will be able to give the correct response. regards demonoid (if my post is rubbish please dont flame me lol) :thumbs-up:
  6. [quote name='PropNut' date='Dec 10 2007, 07:02 AM' post='741044' When I was running air on the 8800GT I also had overheatin issues, the driver would fail every time after the 8800GT hit 82c. to be honest i havent heard of many gt's with lower temps than that in an enclosed box after running at 100% for a while these cards do run hot nvidia are aware of it and say it is fine i think the card shuts down at 110 degrees but must people with stock cooling are hitting 90 degrees, if yours is shutting down at 82 then may be a week card
  7. hey nice card didnt blow the 8800 gt out of the water that i thought it would but the dual slot solution with the cooler is definately better nice card and a good 1000 points overclock :thumbs-up:
  8. Hello i would suggest he has started walking already And as for the 22" samsung and an 8800gt that is the exact setup that i have and i play crysis at full settings @ 1680/1050 all be it my 8800gt is an overclocked one but i cant see a stock 600/1800 gt being to far behind. regards demonoid.
  9. do you really have 2 8800gt's if so thats not clever try taking one out and running the test again to see what you get, would be interesting. then you can see what extra the second card is giving you if :thumbs-up:
  10. :thumbs-up: couldnt agree more if you think about waiting for whats around the corner the corner will never come. you have two choices you purchase now or wait! It all boils down to how desperate you are for a new build and whether your bragging rights outweigh you daily usage requirments. Id wait and brag about the latest technology you have in you rig
  11. my latest score just achieved with 8800gt @ 746/2092 cpu @ 3337mhz 3dmark06 12543 regards demonoid
  12. right guys i opened up the back door opened the case up and let the case chill right down and went for another overclocking session brrrrrrrrrr remember still with stock cooling but with the outside air as an extra these are the results i got 712/2016 3dmark06 = 12237 734/2052 3dmark06 = 12411 747/2072 3dmark06 = 12500 747/2092 3dmark06 = 12516 temps didnt go above 60 degrees c on the gpu , but blimey i was cold cant go any more on either as it freezes 3dmark06, oh and these tests were carried out with my [email protected] 3337mhz Conclusion managed a 10% oc give or take a bit let me know what ya think regards Demonoid.
  13. every system posts different scores beeill, you are forgetting the fact that you are running a q6600 compared to a dual core processor so this will give you twice the cpu score which is added to your graphics score. That result of yours is a combination of cpu and gpu instances. phil you will know artifacting when you see it your screen could start to show mosaic glitches or blocks of flashing random colours, i had an evga 7900ko edition put it in the pc booted up bf2 and the game would play but the artifacting left plain blocks where a textured wall should be etc, sent that card straight back and to evga credit there customer service was second to none, As for firky this one is interesting he has an extra 1000points now i dont know whether the 1333fsb would make a difference or the 4gb ram somebody with more knowledge about the two setups could pin point where the 1000extra points come from, if it is your gpu then lock your doors cos i am coming for it lol. regards demonoid. Ps i will say one more thing the bloody card has upped the case temp to the point where i have just ordered a 120 tuniq cos my cpu temps had gone up too much on load.
  14. hey i know where you are coming, heres one i wrote earlier lol. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=76086 Have you tried overclocking it yet let me know what ya get from it, regards demo
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