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  1. I bet it is 17lbs. of awesome PC case...
  2. Awesome! I won an awesome water cooler! Thanks OCC!
  3. jkruse

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    I am in! Dickinson, ND
  4. Woohoo! Can always use a good power supply! Thanks OCC!
  5. jkruse

    How do you watch movies at home?

    With my eyes?? Lol.
  6. jkruse

    Corsair Giveaway

    My favorite Corsair product would have to be Corsair memory or the H50/70 products, always reliable products no matter what you buy from them...I use their ram in all my computers. I am waiting on the 600T case next week and can hardly wait.
  7. jkruse

    Computer Build Help

    I would definitely go for an 800 series full ATX mainboard and a brand name power supply...I am using the 925 and a 570 just fine on my son's pc just fine with a series 7 chipset, but with that said go 8 series if you can afford it.
  8. jkruse

    last copy of borderlands to give away

    I would love to play it! Have only seen screenshots.
  9. jkruse

    XFX Contest

    AMD Phenom II X4 2.8GHz MSI 790 Mainboard 8GB DDR2 Memory 1TB Hard Drive GTX 460 Video Card Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio Sound Antec 900 Case Silverstone 750W PS Win 7 Pro
  10. jkruse

    OCC Christmas Contest 2010

    I actually check this site out on a daily basis...just never had time to post I guess. Happy New Year to everyone.
  11. jkruse

    OCC Christmas Contest 2010

    Whoo hoo....Won a keyboard! Thanks for the prize!