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  1. Hey Guys and Girls, I'm looking to sell the following parts as a bundle. Motherboard: "Asus Rampage III GENE Socket 1366 mATX" Cpu: "Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz 8Mb Cache LGA1366 (with the stock intel cpu cooler)" Memory: "Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 Triple Channel i7Memory Kit CL8" Graphics Card: "Palit 1024MB GDDR5 GeForce GTS 450 Low Profile DVI / HDMI PCI-E with Low Profile Bracket" Hard Drive: "Corsair Memory 80GB 2.5" Force Series Solid State Drive" ^Click to enlarge^ Ebay Link Every thing in the above picture is for sale in this bundle other than the floor. This includes 6 Sata cables, 1 E-sata cable, an I-Rog connect usb cable. Gfx back plate low profile and standard size, DVI to VGA adaptor, 2.5 to 3.5inch SSD holder, Network cable and much more. These items were brought for my HTPC project. But Sadly thats on hold for now. I am looking for £400 plus postage. I do have a 950watt psu to sell but due to its size it will be shipped on its own. Its a Corsair TX 950Watt Sli Complinat Power supply. £65 + shipping. Ebay Link Thanks Glenn.
  2. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    Parts have arrived. Here are a few quick pic's to show how the fittings look in the back plate. Hopefully I will get this fitting to my case over the weekend. Firky.
  3. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    Thanks for the kind words. Time for a small update. Back plate for my water cooling loop. Also is a prototype of GDDR and volt reg's water block for my 450GTS low profile cards. Firky
  4. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    Small update. I have been waiting on the tubing for the link between the case and the cooling tower for about a month. But today they showed up. Here are a few pic's I think I will buy some large cable braid and join all 3 links together. Firky.
  5. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    I wanted to give you guys a better understanding of my idea. So made a 3D model in CAD and rendered it last night sadly it took about 14 hours to render and the quality is poop... but it dose give a better view of my design, the first 4 seconds of this video seem corrupted for some reason but after that all is good. Here's a link to my
  6. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    They would indeed add a small amount of air added to the loop and also some water will escape the loop its quoted some thing like 0.2ml not really worth worrying about. How ever the rad I have has a bleed screw at the top I can simply undo that and add water. Any air in the loop would end up at the highest point and thats where the bleed screw is.
  7. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    The tubes are all fitted with koolance quick disconnect so it would just be like unplugging your keyboard before moving the rig. I did think about keeping every thing attached to the case but then it would make the case so much bigger then it would not be a low profile HTPC case.
  8. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    This is my design for a back plate on my case it will support the bits-power bulk head fittings that are attached to the male QDC. As well as holding the socket for the power lead supplying the cooling tower. As there is minimal room behind my case the tubing would just kink when he case was pushed back on to the shelf how ever I ordered my self some 90deg QDC fittings from Koolance they work a treat.
  9. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    I took the Time to draw up a full 3D model of my design and I'm glad I did because I picked up on a few errors. But here we go my almost final design. Back Right view and Right view. Front Right view and Front Left view. Bottom view.
  10. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    My Rad arrived today. It really is huge it should easily keep my i7 and GPU's under control. I couldn't wait to get the fans on it. Then I gave it a quick blast on the fan controller. Very quiet even at full speed. Then I added then other 4 fans. 110mm thick looks awesome tho!
  11. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    The Rest of my EK fittings have arrived as well as the temp senors I plan to use with the T-Balancer. 120mm fans very quiet good quality build. I will be using 8 of these is push pull on my 480mm rad. Add the icing on the cake the one any only T-Balancer BigNg Fan controller.
  12. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    I got my self this A C Ryan connecter set it was really cheap less than a £1 I ordered it purely for the tools they should make removing pins very easy. Well I have been using Arctic cooling silver 5. But for this build I though I would try some new MX-2. My Ek Compression fittings have arrived they will be using on my GPU blocks. Here is how I will use the EK fittings on the GPU blocks I was going to stager the fittings by using a bitspower extender as I thought it would make it easier to tighter the fittings.
  13. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    Thanks elsbar. Some more parts came today. I ordered a 40mm fan I plan to use this to cool my fan controller which will be incorporated in my cooling tower. The fan is well made and very quiet its hardly audible. The fan was packed with some self tapping screws. But for what I need the fan for the self tapping screws are no good and to short. So I got my self some M4 taps and set to work only taping two or three turns at a time the plastic is very brittle and it did not want to crack or span the fan housing. This process was repeated on each conner. Now 4x4m screw now thread in to the fan housing there is no need for any nuts when mounting this fan.
  14. firky

    Water Cooled HTPC

    One of my orders from RS arrived this week so I started work on the lead the will connect my cooling tower to my HTPC. Unfortunately one of the chassis mounted connectors is on backorder and due at the end of January. So I set to work disassembled the plug (a lot of parts for a small plug). Next I started soldering. Each wire is individually numbered from 1-7. I helping hand was defiantly need for this job luckily I had my trusty crocodile clips to hand. Next hellerman sleeving was added this really did tidy up the job. Next the cable braid was added and the back shell fitted and tightened. This time I made sure to slide the back shell on first. The whole process was then started again for the female end. I made sure to solder the wires to the correct pins. Hellerman sleeving added and then the braid was pulled up and the back shell was tightened. The finished lead measures up at 2m. 7 single insulated multi strand cables were used each with a CSA of 0.2mm
  15. firky

    Watercooling Testimonies

    Thanks for you comment. Since posting this question I have found a Rad with a Rez at the top complete with a fill port but this style only gose up to 360mm but then I found a Rad which is 480mm and has a bleed point at the top. Also it is £30 cheaper than the XSPC RX 480mm I was going to get