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    2x 512 Kingston PC3200 1T, 3, 3, 3, 6 408mhz
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  1. Zelda would be the first actual "video game" and I seriously can't remember what drew me in..it was simply too long ago lol
  2. I am now running the ASUS P5W DH I have gone through "5" (yes that is five!!) EVGA 680i motherboards One worked in a purchased system I built 3 doa's and one lasted a week The last one I rma'd is on its way back to me now and will be sold as soon as it arrives I am not an electrical engineer, but in my amateur opinion I would have to say this board has major flaw and design issues that should have been tested and dealt with long before this product was allowed to be retailed. NVidea has basically used the consumer in place of a proper benchmarking run and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up in litigation due to their misfeasance. Unfortunately EVGA is biting it big on this one as they are the retailer but I guess it all comes down to whether they make a better buck at selling a defective product and dealing with the fallout or submitting a recall
  3. I don't use that particular one but do have 2 Silverstone 750w Zeuss and have no problems with either of them. Very efficient and good ratings
  4. Just installed it on my new board and it's working fabulously. There were issues with app compatability when I installed it on my first board 2 months ago, but this time everything is fine
  5. I sent back my 4th EVGA 680i piece of crap board and purchased an Asus P5W DH Deluxe I ordered 2 boards on Feb 13th 2007 and one worked. I have spent 2 1/2 months and almost $400.00 on the board and related shipping costs. They're giving them away now because no one wants them...lol
  6. on my Spi 1mil score it has me marked as using an E6600 but I was using my E6400 for the test just a small oversight me thinks. I was also using Vista for the OCCT 1/2 Stable test
  7. I don't know why anyone would ever use Norton or think that you have to pay for a good virus app. I've been running AVG for 10 years and have never had an issue and it doesn't suck up my system resources. I also use X-Cleaner and SpyBot
  8. no its not stock CPUZ does not read the new cores properly I set the Vcore to 1.625 which read as 1.59 in bios I also believe my temps went down with the new bios but I have no idea how that works apparently the new bios fixes the 450fsb cap on the E6400's
  9. well I installed the new EVGA 680i bios today and omg lol I hit 3.8ghz and SPi works however I'm not really understanding the counter as it says one time when it does the checksum and then when you click ok it says 16.82 sec on the 1mil tab although I couldn't really care at 79% OC lol
  10. the main problem I have encountered is apps that simply won't run due to a lack of driver support or apps that need the help of another program to run such as Java or Macromedia, etc. Many of these issues should be well fixed by this fall if not this summer as I have no problems after doing a bit of investigating and just finding workarounds for some apps or replacing old standards for new apps that will run on Vista Gaming wise I have had no problems at all...and OC sorta speaks for itself
  11. wow talk about a nice OC and great timing on the SPi man
  12. I own the Dell 2407WFP and I couldn't say enough about the picture quality ^^ I researched quite a few monitors at the time including the BenQ and LG and am not sorry I chose this one
  13. that would be the problem...it's an app crash so...:/ guess I have to wait
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